In everyday life, whether professional or private, a temporary phone number can be useful. Are you wondering why? Curious, you want to know more about this new solution? At Octopush, we propose you to discover more through this complete file. 

Note however that at Octopush, our temporary phone solution is the virtual number. A solution that you can easily use thanks to our specialized platform 

Temporary phone number

What is a temporary phone number? 

First, note that a temporary phone number is a number that works for a limited period of time. It can be added to a SIM card or be accessible exclusively online. You have the choice between these two possibilities. However, most of the time, the best solution is to rent a virtual phone number. 

Generally, a temporary number has a validity period of up to 48 hours. Or even longer, depending on the provider and the offers chosen. 

Temporary phone number: what are its uses? 

If the temporary phone number is so popular, it is because its users benefit from several advantages. 

The advantages in the professional world 

If ever, in the framework of work, you have to travel a lot, having virtual numbers is a good initiative. Indeed, if you come from France, and are in Switzerland, with your French SIM card, you may spend a lot of money to send SMS or call contacts. So, you might as well make some savings. 

The advantages in the professional world

Also, if your company needs to talk regularly with international clients, consider renting a temporary phone number. You will see, just with this simple action, you can save thousands of euros. Especially since this solution works both ways. Your international customers will be less likely to contact you if they have to pay a lot of money to do so. It is therefore in your interest to use this more than interesting solution. 

In addition to all this, a temporary number helps you to keep your personal and professional life separate. It is indeed not at all obvious to succeed in differentiating which message is important and which message can wait. With two lines, one personal and one professional, it is much easier. 

Finally, note that a temporary phone number can also be used for certain ephemeral actions in business. Are you a recruiter? Renting a virtual number helps you provide a number that is easy to close once you’ve recruited the right person. This trick will prevent you from being overwhelmed by tons of texts and calls from candidates. 

The benefits to your privacy 

The temporary phone number can also be of great use to you in your daily life. Mainly in terms of protecting your privacy on the Internet. Indeed, currently, it is increasingly easy to hack accounts. Not to mention the cases of scams and harassment that are increasing day by day.

With the help of a temporary number, you can be completely anonymous. People who don’t know you personally will find it difficult to recognize you and contact you. 

Also, take into account that nowadays all registration is done through phone numbers. Any small registration or subscription forces you to provide a phone number. This is supposedly for “more security” through double authentication. However, this registration will be fatal for your inbox. Indeed, some sites (especially commercial sites), do not hesitate to constantly spam you with advertising messages. Not a pleasant thing in the long run. 

The advantages of the Octopush platform

How to get a temporary phone number ?

To get your temporary phone number, you have the choice between various possibilities and providers. Often, your way of proceeding must depend on the duration of validity of the number you want. Not to mention the associated services you are looking for. 

In any case, take into account that to have a temporary phone number, the best option remains Octopush. In addition to having your own temporary number, you also benefit from several advantages. In particular, an ergonomic platform that allows you to manage all your virtual numbers very easily. Indeed, with Octopush, you can rent as many virtual numbers as you want. In addition to this practical and ergonomic platform, we also provide you with our API. This API can be integrated in your software, websites and web platforms. This will make your experience of using numbers even easier. 

In short, why rent a simple temporary phone number if you can rent a virtual number at Octopush and benefit from several advantages.