Improve your customers’ experience

and offer them direct contact with your customer service.

Integrate chatbots to answer basic questions faster

and be available any time.

Strengthen your brand image and visibility

on a platform used daily by 500 million users around the world.

A user friendly platform to launch and monitor your Instagram messaging

Activate Instagram messaging directly from your Octopush account and manage your discussion threads with other channels.

Why use the Octopush Instagram Messaging solution ?

Take advantage of an effective and interactive channel to engage with your customers in real time!

Reach your customers worldwide

thanks to a powerful tool and send targeted messages in just a few clicks.

Keep a history of all your multichannel conversations on a single platform.

Identify where discussion threads are coming from at a glance with the Facebook icon.

Automate your conversations

for 1st level questions and send canned responses when the customers write to you after hours.

Consult your data and statistics

in your customer account to measure and optimise your Facebook messages.

Join our 23000 customers

  • Compatible with all modules and plugins
  • Quick integrations
  • Secure data

Instagram: 3 keys figures

26 M
Instagram has more than 2 billion active monthly users worldwide.
Instagram is the 2nd social network for Gen Z (15-24) in France after Snapchat.
90% of users follow at least one business or brand on Instagram.
cas d’usage d’Instagram

Some use cases of Instagram

  • Get real-time feedback from your audience and continuously improve your product/service offering.
  • Target a specific audience based on their age, location and interest.
  • Connect personally with your audience by using a private communication channel and engaging them in conversations.
  • Strengthen your brand image and visibility by staying accessible on Instagram.

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