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Revenue growth in Autopilot

With the power of SMS marketing, retargeting & automation

Magento E-Commerce Stores using our Plugin see:



Increase in conversion rate



Cart Abandonment Recovery



Increase in user retention

Define segments and launch campaigns on the fly.

Your campaigns in Autopilot

Forget about reviewing your campaigns constantly.

Set it up once, and you are done!

Smart popups

Convert hesitant visitors into customers.

Launch automatic popups based on navigation behavior and time spent on your product pages.

Smart PopUps
Set up discounts, countdowns and custom promotions

cart abandonment recovery
Include short URLs in your message for a seamless customer experience

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Increase revenue by setting up timely SMS reminders to nudge your customers to complete their purchases.

Full scope tracking

Fulfill every marketer’s dream by having the most detailed analytics.

Track sales and ROI for a quick glance at your results.

Actionable data & ROI Tracking
Smart Budgets
Take full control of your budget: Create expense caps by number of SMS and by country.

Smart budgets

Spend your campaign budget wisely, adapt to different country SMS prices and make every penny worth it.




€0.06 per SMS (France)


βœ“ Multi-platform & Multi-store Management

βœ“ SMS Campaigns & Automations

βœ“ Subscription Tool: Subscribe Popups

βœ“ Audience Segmentation

βœ“ ROI & Performance Analytics

βœ“ Email Support



€0.045 per SMS (France)

Includes everything on the previous plan PLUS:

βœ“ Sender ID Personalisation
(Branded Names)

βœ“ Smart Popup

βœ“ Email & Chat Support
(Monday to Friday)/


€99 /mo

€0.045 per SMS (France)

Includes everything on the previous plan PLUS:

βœ“ Schedule messages based on your customers timezones

βœ“ Branded Links

βœ“ Dedicated onboarding specialist

βœ“ Email & Chat & Phone Support (Monday to Friday)

Advanced Analytics (available in January 2022)

Manage multiple stores and multiple platforms from one plugin

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Using Octoshop is free under a basic plan. However, to launch SMS campaigns you will need an Octopush account. From where you pay a fixed price per SMS.

By acquiring the Octoshop starter plan, which includes the most exciting features, you will be able to buy your SMS in bulk at a preferential fee. To learn more about

Yes. and also it supports multiplatform. You can manage several e-commerce sites with a single Octoshop account.

Yes. You can send SMS to the buyer and to the admin through the plugin.

Through Octopush, Octoshop supports SMS delivery to 196 countries. You can consult the list here:

Yes. Just note that, to send SMS in bulk you need to comply with the data protection regulations from the country you are sending the text message to.

Yes. You can even set up automations, in such a way that your customer behaviours trigger the delivery of your text messages after a certain time.

Yes. This feature is available in the β€œGrowth Plan.”

Yes. Octoshop offers you several built-in trigger events that allow you to create hundreds of automations. Additionally, thanks to tags, you can personalize messages to bring a sense of closeness with your customers like never before.

Octoshop’s unique feature allows you to send personalized text messages to your customers according to which product pages they have visited.

Octoshop and Octopush are 100% GDPR compliant. We facilitate e-commerce businesses to comply with European laws by including features such as the customer consent checkbox and the STOP notice in the body of every text message. For more information:

Start out your free plan today. You can upgrade at any time.