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Virtual Phone Number

Rent a mobile line to send and receive SMS

What Is a Virtual Number?

Complete your company’s communication system with this service offered by Octopush.

It provides organisations with an easy way to send notifications to their prospects or users and receive messages and incoming calls via a dedicated local number, remotely manageable via the Internet, from anywhere.

Having a local number eliminates the hassle of regular phone lines and allows for smoother communication when targeting an audience that is not in your country.

Virtual Numbers

Allows businesses to use SMS and calls to discuss, receive and manage responses or direct solicitations from customers

Instant, free mobile phone number that requires no additional devices

Chat with a local audience, wherever they are

Choose the Virtual Number That Suits Your Needs

Benefit from an unlimited number of virtual numbers in a single user account. You can manage your virtual numbers from your customer area or from your company app using the SMS API.

Add this protocol to your CRM, HR or point-of-sale solutions.

Your virtual numbers are delivered over a local telephone network, ensuring a secure exchange between your company and your customers. They do not require a SIM card or landline, but an Internet connection is required to send messages.

Forget having a single landline or relying on unsafe VoIP applications to do the calling.

visuel du réseau international de téléphones

Extend Your Service Offering to an International Market

Virtual phone numbers make your company present in more than 100 countries worldwide, for an affordable subscription per month.

The VN encompasses a plan per month that allows you to choose several countries at the same time. Octopush offers you the possibility to opt for a fixed rate that varies according to the country to which your messages are sent. The plans are annual the first year and charged every month afterwards. You can cancel them at any time.

Virtual Numbers for Your Text Exchanges

Use the virtual numbers to reach your audience on their phones via SMS messaging.

Attract new users for your product or services.
Each message sent by your customers to your virtual number triggers the platform’s webchat. The conversations by chat make room for more fluid and meaningful exchange, thus leaving a better impression than simply calling by phone.

You can also send your best offers by SMS messages to smartphones or to a dedicated app.

transférér des messages textuels vers téléphone portable: un option du NV

Offer Multiple Ways to Reach Your Customers

Adding several virtual lines to your service will let you reach your customers in France to contact you through several channels.

Start forwarding calls to different lines for every team in your business.

Create different lines for each department of your company. Your customers will be able to contact the most appropriate person to solve their problem in a matter of seconds. Reach individuals interested in your offers in your area.

To take it a step further, international companies can have local lines to be contacted. For example in France, when their parent company is in the US.

Protect Your Privacy

Using virtual telephony allows you to separate your private life from your professional work. Hide your personal phone numbers by providing your customers with solutions that protect your privacy.

woman holding two international mobiles

Case Study: Alliance Automotive Group

“SMS marketing is a powerful business lever. We have very few unsubscribes from the SMS campaigns we send. Our customers are happy with this method of instant communication and so are we.”

Charles Demillecamps – Marketing Manager at d’Alliance Automotive Group
Charles Demillecamps
Alliance Automotive Group-logo

Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile virtual number is a secure line that organisations and businesses can lease on an annual basis.

To learn more about virtual phone numbers we have prepared for you this quick guide.

Octopush’s virtual numbers allow you to send and receive SMS and calls using a unique mobile phone number with a local country code from over 100 destinations worldwide.

Enabling this feature is particularly useful for companies with international operations, as it allows them to reach the mobile phones of customers anywhere in the world, even if the company is based in another country.

A virtual number is a mobile number that is not associated with a telephone line. Setting up a virtual number is easier than you think.

In practice, we provide a toll-free business number, add your devices and set up your message, hours and welcome messages. If you are creating an account for the first time, you will need to contact customer service or support to verify your account and activate these services.

There are the 3 general steps you must do to start operating with Virtual numbers.

  • Select a local toll-free business number
  • Add your devices
  • Fill in your business information such as opening hours, welcome message and greetings.

Once you have done this, you will be able to receive SMS communications from your customers without the need for a local SIM card, providing a great customer experience.

Yes, it is possible. Contact us to tailor our offer to your needs.

No. The standard Octopush subscription allows you to manage unlimited virtual numbers through a single business account.

We are currently developing web-based solutions like WhatsApp and other applications. We will keep you informed.

For the time being, you can take advantage of the features of our SMS service, such as launching marketing campaigns by SMS, creating alerts and Web Chat, among others.

No, you can access your virtual line from any device.

You can count on our telephony solution, which can be integrated with your apps thanks to the Octopush SMS API, all included in the same plane.

These phone numbers are only available to text messaging.

Yes, the best way to start trying is by using the shared virtual phone number available in the platform.

This trial version provides the user with an easy way to reach unlimited leads by using all the VN features for free.


Plugins and modules to send and receive SMS without coding

Connect Octopush with the tools you already using: Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce and more!