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Old phones don’t have the capacity anymore. Traditional phone lines don’t meet all your business needs. How can you improve your communication strategy and productivity?

Office phones that can be used at home or remotely are becoming more and more available. But is it possible to set up a business message box from a computer? Or integrate it with CRM software? Virtual phone numbers are the solution you are looking for. Here we will explain how these numbers work.

Virtual phone numbers

Differences between virtual and regular phone numbers

The phone number is installed and provided by a phone company. Almost everyone knows that it is their number and not their phone company. Landline phone calls usually rely on a phone line with an address where the phone is located.

The standard phone line requires that a phone line be run through the building to every phone in the house. Installing cell phones can be difficult and not always simple for all businesses.

Virtual Phone Numbers: Are they right for you or your business?

Virtual phone numbers eliminate the physical limitations of traditional communications and give businesses flexibility and mobility. Virtual phone numbers are simple and efficient to set up.

Virtual phone numbers are classified into different types to accomplish any kind of task. You can get toll-free numbers, international toll-free numbers, universal phone numbers, numbers with specific area codes or prestige numbers.

Types of virtual phone numbers

Freephone or toll-free numbers

These are French 10-digit numbers that start with 0800 to 0805. These are numbers where the call is free for the caller.

They are usually used to provide value-added services (VAS)

Numbers with specific area codes

These numbers are assigned to a foreign SIM card number under the aegis of a local foreign mobile network operator, which guarantees its validity. It sends messages to and from the MCC (mobile country code) assigned to it.

Types of virtual numbers

Prestige numbers

In a prestige number or mnemonic number the corresponding letters of the numeric keypad remind a word or a name.

For example, 0800-FLOWERS or 0805-BOAT.

There are also easy-to-dial numbers, which have a simple, easy-to-understand numerical organization with either repeated or alternating digits as opposed to a number with random digits.

Why switch to using a virtual phone number?

Virtual numbers eliminate physical lines, allowing greater flexibility, mobility and connectivity at lower prices than typical phones can afford.

Easy migration from existing numbers

The ability to maintain a company’s phone number is critical. Fortunately, it’s easy to change old numbers to a virtual number using the Octopush platform. Virtual phones allow you to have your business contact numbers at your fingertips while taking advantage of high-tech capabilities like including messaging with a CRM.

Take SMS messages anywhere, from any connected device

Virtual phone numbers allow people to stay online anytime and anywhere the phone is used. Send SMS messages to a physical phone or Android smartphone at work.

Send voice messages

Traditionally, a phone connection is made with a connection to the phone company’s network. And if it is a fixed line, you can not send text messages.

The virtual number is a solution, which allows sending SMS messages and voice SMS messages as well. The ability to listen to voice messages helps to ensure that the messages will be received and listened to right away.

Why use a virtual phone number?

Employees can separate their business phone from their personal phone

Unlike a traditional phone number, the virtual phone number will be useful for many other tasks, such as using a different number for your business SMS messages. The virtual number also offers sender identification, giving the caller complete confidence when contacting your number.

Virtual phones are now an ideal option if you want remote access. Most companies work separately, or some require employees to travel away from the office. The remote staff does not have to set up a desk phone or use a cell phone to contact customers.

Improve customer satisfaction with auto-responders

Virtual number services give customers a simple way to find the right person. When a customer contacts you via your virtual phone number with questions about their billing, they will be directed to one of their financial advisors. They won’t need multiple contacts before they find the best equipped person. Traditional phones lack these powerful routing capabilities.