Optimize the cost

Of your campaigns and make sure your contacts are still active.

Identify invalid or no longer assigned numbers

Of your contact databases.

Get the portability history and current operator

Of your contacts to target your customers effectively.

Manage the quality of your contact lists using a simple and effective tool.

Verify, clean, and update your customers’ and prospects’ phone numbers in just a few clicks!

Why use HLR Lookup via our Octopush tool?

Save time & money and update your database regularly.

Increase the ROI of your sms campaigns.

Remove unassigned phone numbers and duplicates from your database easily to reduce the cost of your campaigns.

Save time and upload your contacts

Directly in your account in just a few clicks. Receive the results of your query in less than 24 hours.

Segment your database more easily

And send international campaigns by sorting numbers by carrier or country.

Outwit your customers’ number changes

And reliably optimize your marketing campaigns.

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  • Compatible with all modules and plugins
  • Quick integrations
  • Secure data