Share content that boosts your sales on an efficient communication channel

Stand out from competitors and send content that reflects your image by integrating a short URL

Add calls to action to achieve your business goals

A user friendly platform to launch and monitor your rich SMS campaigns

Create landing pages and your SMS on our tool and visualize the result before sending your campaign!

Why use Octopush’s SMS 2.0 solution ?

Use a fast and reliable channel to retain your customers!

Get free credits to test our SMS services on your mobile phone when you register and see how easy it is to set up a campaign.

Filter your conversations by tags, colours, or virtual number. Keep an eye on the exchanges between your team and customers.

Send bulk SMS easily, instantly or at a later time. Choose the day and time to send your campaign via our platform or our API.

Consult your data and statistics  in your customer account to measure and optimise your campaigns.

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  • Compatible with all modules and plugins
  • Quick integrations
  • Secure data

SMS 2.0 : 3 key figures

Of enriched SMS sent to customers or prospects are read within 3 minutes.
Of SMS messages are received in less than 10 seconds.
The conversion rate of SMS is 10 times higher than that of emails.

Some use cases of SMS 2.0

Using SMS 2.0  encourages your audience to :

  • Test a product or a service
  • Make a purchase
  • Use a coupon / Take advantage of a promotional offer
  • Create an account on your platform
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Participate in a contest
  • Make an appointment
  • Subscribe to your social networks
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Frequently Asked Questions
01 What is SMS 2.0?

This tool uses rich message content and allows you to share a link to a mini mobile website with your SMS recipient list.

This encourages your customers to take action by getting them to engage with your business with a prompt to convert.

02 How can my business use SMS 2.0?

SMS 2.0 is a simple, effective and fast way to reach your customers. All businesses can use it to reach prospects with an original and fresh message that prompts for action and boosts your conversions.

Also, you can create interactive landing pages with our new powerful tool, attaching images, videos, social media and call to action buttons has never been that easy.

03 What is the cost of SMS 2.0 vs standard SMS?

SMS 2.0 is a bit more expensive than standard SMS, for the only reason that it involves the transmission of more data and added functionalities that come with it. Costs vary depending on the provider.

04 What is the deliverability rate of SMS 2.0?

Technology is moving fast and this year is no exception. SMS marketing is more and more effective due to the increase of mobile usage. Mobile Marketing is on the rise and customers couldn’t be happier to jump on board.

90% of SMS messages are received within 4 seconds, achieving better and more effective results than email marketing.

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