Stand out and build customer loyalty

By personalizing your messages with your logo and brand colors.

Enjoy a 2.5x higher conversion

Rate than traditional channels and reach customers around the world.

Offer a premium experience

To your customers by integrating QR codes and smart reply buttons into your messages.

A user-friendly platform to launch and manage your RCS messages

Segment and schedule your RCS campaigns optimally from your back office.
Set up alerts to be notified before you exhaust your credit!

RCS Messaging

Why use the Octopush RCS messaging solution?

Leverage the power of a dynamic and secure channel on Android
to inform your customers in real time!  (soon on Iphone)

Send comprehensive, intuitive messaging campaigns anywhere in the world.

Receive notifications when your messages have been read.

Personalise your RCS Messages

Easily from the interface. Upload files that will be accessible by recipients via a short link.

A smooth and successful onboarding experience

We call you when you register to guide your first steps with voice SMS. Find all our resources on our different services on our platform.

Consult your data and statistics

In your customer account to measure and optimise your campaigns.

Join our 23000 customers

  • Compatible with all modules and plugins
  • Quick integrations
  • Secure data

RCS Messages : 3 key figures

RCS Messages offer an average conversion rate 2.5 times higher than traditional channels.
RCS Messages campaigns have an 80% opening rate.
23,2 M
23.2 million smartphones (44%) of smartphones are compatible with RCS Messages.
Frequently Asked Questions
01 What is Business RCS Messaging?

Enterprise RCS messaging is an upgrade to SMS that provides businesses with richer, more interactive features to communicate with their customers more effectively. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services”. 

Through the RCS channel, businesses can deliver interactive mobile experiences directly to their customers’ SMS inboxes such as sending a newsletter via RCS.

02 How do I enable RCS messaging for my brand or business?

Enabling RCS messaging for your business has never been easier with Octopush. RCS requires you to configure and certify your business with the operators before you can send a message. There is an on-boarding policy that at this stage only allows large companies to use it.

We invite you to contact us to verify your eligibility and get assistance to use this new communication channel.

03 How does RCS messaging work?

RCS is a new messaging standard found in smartphones. It uses enhanced encryption that supports links, multimedia content and group chats.

To receive an RCS message, an Internet connection or mobile data is required. Users must also have an RCS messaging app installed or downloaded to their RCS-enabled Android smartphone to receive and view enhanced RCS messages.

04 How can RCS help improve my business?

With rich communication services, businesses have the ability to send: 

  • Appointment reminders, treatment information and medication reminders to patients
  • Reservation information, special offers for repeat customers and check-in/check-out reminders.
  • Personalized offers to customers, appointment reminders for fittings and updates on online orders.
05 Is it possible to use RCS for two-way interaction?

Yes, it is possible to use RCS for two-way interaction over mobile networks. 

It should be noted that for users to receive RCS, they will still need a SIM card to do so.

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