For a company, the use of a virtual number can be a source of many opportunities. After all, it is not for nothing that most companies are currently rushing towards mobile telephony. Whether it’s for marketing, finance, the very operation of an entity, etc. Everything suggests that mobile numbers are very useful. 

If you are the manager of a company, the communication or marketing manager of a company, this file is made for you. At Octopush, we propose you to discover together how a virtual number can help you. 

Virtual number

But first, what is a virtual number? 

First of all, it is important that you know what a virtual number is. You can only use it to your advantage if you understand the concept and how it works. 

Before, only one line could be physically attached to a phone number. Now, this is no longer the case. Indeed, nowadays it is possible to create a number, without it being attached to a physical terminal. This is called a virtual phone number or virtual number. 

The functions offered by virtual numbers are numerous and differ according to the providers used. They allow, among other things, to redirect any call to one or more existing lines. An automatic transfer that can be done on various types of devices or applications, provided that you are connected to the internet. 

In our case, at Octopush, the use of virtual numbers is mainly focused on sms and conversational. But of course, we intend to expand this domain to calls, to WhatsApp Business and many others. 

So, why would you choose a virtual number or numbers in business? 

The next question is: what are the benefits that businesses can get from using virtual numbers? At Octopush, we can give you three of them. Three excellent reasons to rent your own mobile line now. 

You inspire much more confidence to your customers with a local virtual number 

The interesting thing about virtual numbers is that you can choose any location. In fact, at Octopush, we offer you more than 33 locations in the four corners of the world. Therefore, you have the possibility to reach many countries and to ensure international coverage (Note however that to a number belongs to a locality). 

In any case, you should be aware that a local number will inspire much more confidence in your customers. In fact, if you are looking for conversation with your contacts, we strongly advise you against using foreign numbers. 

Most of the time, conversations are considered as scams when they are made through foreign numbers. Therefore, to avoid this situation, it is in your best interest to opt for a local mobile line (which you can easily rent from us). This will allow you to obtain a much more favorable response rate to retain your customers. 

You have a better conversational service with your customers 

One of the main advantages of using an Octopush virtual number is that you have a great conversational service with your customers (and eventually with your partners). Indeed, we prioritize customer relations as a huge source of development. That’s why we pay particular attention to this with the proposal of a special sms exchange platform that makes your communication fluid. A fluid communication especially thanks to the use of local virtual numbers. 

Also, take into account that 98% of SMS messages are read. That’s why you can’t go wrong with this channel that we particularly recommend. 

Do you want to ensure an excellent conversational service with your customers in Paris? Do not hesitate to subscribe to our offers to benefit from a French virtual number. 

Why use a virtual number in business ?

You reduce certain costs considerably 

According to us, the last advantage in the use of the virtual number is its economic aspect. Indeed, if you want to ensure a conversation in the whole European territory for example, opting for the subscription to virtual numbers is interesting. Firstly, because you can choose among various localities at Octopush. Two, because your sms will always be charged at local prices (and never at foreign sms rates). 

At first, you might think that this is not such a big saving. But in the long run, with a lot of texting, the importance of this difference between local and foreign rates is largely felt. 

How to get your virtual number quickly and easily ? 

At Octopush, there is nothing easier than renting a virtual phone number. 

How to get your virtual number quickly and easily ?

Indeed, at first, you just have to choose the country you want to reach (remember that we have more than 33 countries at your disposal, including Europe, USA and Canada). Then, you will just have to choose your virtual phone number from a selection of available virtual numbers. Finally, you will only have to use our specialized platform to make your first customer interactions.