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A virtual phone number is a number that is not physically linked to a phone line or a SIM card. Unlike traditional numbers, virtual numbers work through the internet. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular since they can be used via all types of connected devices. That is, smartphones, tablets and computers. 

The functionalities offered by virtual numbers are almost identical to normal telephony functionalities. In particular the reception and sending of SMS and calls. However, it should be noted that this solution promises many more advantages to its users, especially in terms of privacy. 

Create a fictitious virtual number
Create a fictitious virtual number

Why create a fictitious virtual number? 

The reasons that can push a person or a company to create a fictitious virtual number are numerous. Indeed, whether it is for professional or private reasons, virtual numbers can always be useful. 

A communication line that can be deleted at any time 

In the business world, having multiple communication lines can be very useful. For example, if a customer is looking to contact the after-sales service, having a line entirely dedicated to this purpose can avoid any latency. This is certainly a line of communication that will need to be kept open at all times. 

However, in some cases, it is also necessary to have an ephemeral communication line. During a recruitment process, for example. Because, once the company has recruited the right person, this line will have to be quickly deleted to prevent other candidates from contacting you. Hence the need to use a fictitious virtual number.

A business phone line for all members of your team 

In business, using multiple virtual phone numbers can also help your team create business-only accounts. This will make your company’s internal and external communication much more fluid and organized. 

It may be that for a new Facebook campaign, you need business-only accounts. And for this purpose, the use of private accounts could disorganized everything. For all business-related registrations, the use of a dummy virtual number is also recommended.

Much better protection of your privacy and personal information 

For an individual, the creation of a fictitious virtual number allows it to benefit from an effective protection of its personal data. Especially the personal phone number which is often claimed during some registrations. 

Why create a fictitious virtual number?
Why create a fictitious virtual number?

Indeed, nowadays, it is almost impossible to register anywhere without providing a phone number. Supposedly for more account security. And yes, in some cases, this authentication can be useful, but in others, it is more annoying than anything else. For example, some commercial platforms do not hesitate to constantly send promotional offers via SMS to their customers’ personal numbers. 

So, if you’re naive enough to give out your real mobile number, you might end up under a ton of promotional SMS. 

A method to remain totally anonymous on some sites 

Sometimes, it is also necessary to succeed in being unnoticed on certain online platforms. And precisely to ensure this total anonymity, creating a fictitious virtual number remains the best option. It would be a pity if you could be traced back to you just by your cell phone number. 

For example, you may want to register on risky sites, dating sites, dubious transactions, etc. In any case, to remain completely incognito, you should use a fictitious virtual number.

A fictitious virtual number, for whom? 

In short, you need a fake virtual number if you : 

  1. Want to be totally unnoticed on online platforms
  2. Want to protect your personal information
  3. Do not want to have a saturated SMS inbox anymore
  4. Want to establish a clear separation between your professional and private life
  5. Need a temporary communication line 
Virtual number : for whom ?
Virtual number : for whom ?

Where can I find my virtual number? 

To create your fictitious virtual number, you have a lot of choices. 

Indeed, currently, there is no lack of virtual number providers. Free applications, virtual number rental providers, etc.

In any case, at Octopush, we allow you to create yours in just a few steps. 

  • Designate the location of your virtual phone number (We have no less than 33 locations available)
  • Choose from our list of available numbers the one that suits you best
  • Enter your devices and some information about your company or activity 

Note also that at Octopush, you will have the possibility to rent as many virtual phone numbers as you want. Numbers that you will be able to easily control through your own client space or our SMS API that can be integrated to your applications and software.