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SMS platform for businesses connected with their audience

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Different types of sms adapted to your needs


Send your sms quickly and easily

Voice SMS

Transform text messages to voice automatically.


Rent a mobile line to send and receive SMS.

SMS 2.0

Create landing pages for your SMS.


Verify your database and avoid failed SMS.


Discover all you can do with nextgen SMS for Android.


Chat with your customers and add automation.

One Time Password


One-Time Password: Protect your Customers and Secure Transactions

Our Api

API SMS: Compatible with all languages

Integrate in a minute, send SMS within seconds

All the power of our platform integrated to your software.

Detailed documentation for each language, with technical support online or by phone. Our team is at your service to answer all your questions.


Plugins and modules to send and receive SMS without coding

Connect Octopush with all the modules and plugins you already use: Magento, Prestashop, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, WooCommerce, Shopify and more

โ€˜โ€˜Most directโ€˜โ€˜

What top-notch marketing specialists are saying about SMS

If your company wants to be heard by your customers, meet them where they already are: texting on their phones.

Texting has by far the best engagement rate of any marketing medium

Of all the messaging interfaces, SMS is the most direct. No custom UI, no learning curve

โ€˜โ€˜You have a

Send, receive and track SMS anywhere in the world.

Use our web platform, API or integrations to communicate faster and securely.



of recipients read text messages that are sent to them



of recipients reply to SMS
that they receive



of people would like receive offers SMS marketing

Why Octopush ?

We are devoted to your Mobile Marketing performance.

Send bulk SMS

Manage international mobile marketing campaigns for +196 countries from your home office.

Real-time statistics

Dedicated Account Manager 5/7 via phone, email and chat

Enable 2-way SMS

Enable conversations and allow your customers reply to your messages

Secure Data

GDPR and local regulations compliant.