Contrary to what many people think, the virtual phone is a real revolution in customer relationship management. Indeed, the use of the virtual number is a marketing practice that is not only about sharing information. It is also about building customer loyalty through the continuous improvement of their experience with the company. 

For a business to work, it is not enough to sell. It’s also about building loyalty and attracting new prospects. Hence the importance of maintaining a good customer relationship. A maintenance that can easily be done thanks to mobile telephony and virtual numbers.   

Virtual phone to improve its customer relationship

What exactly is a virtual phone? 

A virtual number is a phone number that does not need a fixed line or a SIM card to work. Hosted in the Cloud, the virtual phone works through the Internet and is not associated with a specific physical device. 

On the contrary, the use of your virtual number can be done through several devices as long as they are connected to the internet. Your interactions and communication can therefore be handled through any computer, smartphone or tablet. 

In general, virtual landlines are used by companies to send and receive SMS. As SMS is a very effective communication channel, many companies are using it to offer a better experience to their customers. 

Virtual phone: why use SMS to properly manage customer relations? 

To ensure a good customer relationship, the notion of immediacy is essential. 

Customers should have the possibility to make a complaint; to ask for an opinion on a product or a service; to exchange with the after-sales service, as quickly as they would like. It is the company’s duty to ensure this in order to offer the best possible experience to its customers. 

And this is only possible thanks to virtual telephony. More precisely, the use of virtual numbers to send and receive SMS. A solution that can become a trump card for offering quality customer relationship services. With the consumer as the main concern. 


Because the average time to open an SMS is less than 4 minutes 

The use of the virtual phone is an ideal solution to benefit from an efficient immediacy. Thanks to SMS, there is this notion of real time communication. This is a pleasant experience for the customer, as it gives the feeling of being connected directly and in a much more personal way with your company. It gives them the best experience when they contact you or when they are contacted by you. 

Because the read rate of an SMS is over 95%. 

Unlike other modes of communication, such as email for example, the read rate of an SMS is over 95%. By sending an SMS with the help of your virtual number, you ensure that your message will be received and read by the majority of your recipients. 

Why use SMS to properly manage your customer relationship?

Because after sending an SMS, customer satisfaction increases 

Thanks to the use of SMS, you put at the disposal of your customers an easy, fast, effective and simple means of communication. Whether you contact your customers or they contact you, SMS is the ideal channel to optimize your relationship. Thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Virtual phone: what are the roles of sending SMS in customer relations? 

To inform your customers of current services 

Thanks to a virtual phone number, you have the possibility to send notifications by SMS to your customers. They will be able to be informed about the evolution of their order, their complaint, etc. This will considerably improve the customer’s perception of the quality of the after-sales service of your business. And at the same time, it will allow you to highlight the products and services you sell. 

To benefit from a direct and fast information channel for your customers and prospects 

Before buying products or services from you, your customers and prospects may have different questions. There is therefore a lack of information that needs to be filled quickly, which the use of SMS via virtual number can make up for.

Thanks to the virtual number, your customers can contact you in a few clicks. And in turn, you can do the same. Your customers will feel important, valued and prioritized, which will certainly make them want to come back to you for their next purchases. 

What are the roles of sending SMS in customer relations?

To ensure customer satisfaction 

In order to keep your customers loyal, even the smallest gestures count. It is possible that before or after their purchase, your customers do not need additional information. Therefore, they will not try to contact you. However, to show your interest, sending a satisfaction survey SMS can be a wonderful idea. 

At the same time, you will be able to detect more easily why such or such customers were dissatisfied. This will help you to continuously improve your services.