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Octopush offers a productive work environment, focused on growth and innovation. With customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, the work dynamic is rewarding and fulfilling for all members of our team.

Yoni Guimberteau CTO & Co-founder

About the Tech Team

We follow modern AGILE and SCRUM working methods, respecting standards and adopting best practices by keeping up to date with all state-of-the-art developments. We attach great importance to the training and call on the best specialists (legal, architecture, security, systems, development engineering, marketing, growth hacking) to continually enrich our teams and thus remain a strong competitor in the market.

About the Business Team

We are a fully remote team. We work in sprints and, by executing daily stand-ups, we get sure everyone is on the same page. We are a highly independent team, giving a lot of freedom to think and act. Since we’re a startup, there are a lot of things are yet to be done, that’s why we love working with self-driven people who enjoy adding value to our customers.