In marketing, controlling a phone number is necessary. Indeed, according to the statistics, the French change operator every 23 months on average. A mobile line remains valid only during this period of time. This is why it is necessary for a company to check its customer database frequently: to see if the numbers still work or not. 

To do this, you won’t find a better tool than HLR Lookup. The ideal tool to have a constantly updated contact database. 

You want to know more about HLR lookup? Octopush tells you everything about it. 

Control a phone number
Control a phone number

At Octopush, what is HLR Lookup? 

By definition, HLR Lookup (Home Location Register or Network Query) is a service that allows you to check if your database is up to date. In other words, it helps you to check a phone number in order to find out if it exists, and is still valid and active.  Otherwise, thanks to this service, it is also possible to find out which operator the numbers are attached to. 

In a way, HLR Lookup allows you to update essential information about calls and SMS marketing. 

At Octopush, this service is mainly put forward in order to check the validity of the phone numbers of your contact database. In other words, if in your contacts, the number of such and such a customer does not work anymore, the HLR lookup notifies you. This will allow you to stay up to date in order to optimize the deliverability of your sms. This way, you will not lose money by sending sms to obsolete numbers. 

Why a HLR Lookup service to check a phone number? 

In order for a company to function well, it is essential that it can constantly strengthen the links with its customers. In order to achieve this, at Octopush, we prioritize the sending of messages. A process that will allow you to send important information related to your product, your service or your store. Unfortunately, sending sms has a cost. While this cost may seem affordable on its own, if you send millions of sms in a month, the bill will become quite substantial. 

Why an HLR Lookup service to control a phone number?
Why an HLR Lookup service to control a phone number?

Of course, these sacrifices allow you to earn a return on investment. But on one condition, that the numbers are still valid. Otherwise, you will have to spend money for nothing. This explains why it is necessary to check a phone number before sending any message.  

By opting for HLR Lookup services, you will benefit from 

  • A quick cleaning of your customer list 
  • A significant reduction in your messaging costs thanks to the elimination of invalid numbers
  • A significant time saving since you will no longer send messages to obsolete numbers

Even more features, only at Octopush 

In addition to the basic features offered by HLR Lookup, our service also allows you to : 

  • Check if a customer contact is valid or invalid. More precisely, if a phone number is active, if it has been deactivated or never registered. 
  • Ensure that the recipient of the message is able to receive it or if there are temporary errors that prevent the sms from being received. For example, if the phone is switched off or is in an area that is not covered. 
  • Check if the recipient of the text message is on the move and therefore not present in his usual network area. The service also allows you to find the network in which he is currently located.  
  • Check if the operator’s network is available or not 

Checking a phone number via Octopush’s HLR service, a feature for whom? 

  • For companies and organizations:

Thanks to HLR, make sure you have a continuously updated contact list of operators, employees and suppliers. Check all the phone numbers in your directory and discover inactive, invalid, deactivated or roaming numbers. 

  • For universities and schools: 

HLR service can also be beneficial to schools that are teeming with millions of students. Indeed, in order to ensure the good reception of certain information, it is preferable for universities and schools to use the sending of sms. However, sending text messages to millions of students every year is far from being free. That’s why having an up-to-date database of student contacts is essential and can save thousands of dollars. 

Checking a phone number via HLR Lookup, a feature for whom?
Checking a phone number via HLR Lookup, a feature for whom?
  • For market research companies, insurance companies and travel agencies: 

Knowing how to check a phone number can also help you to have valid numbers of prospects. Numbers to which you can send messages directly to their cell phone.  

In short, you have everything to gain by using our HLR service. Not only to control a phone number easily, but also to continuously update your database of customers, prospects, and many other types of contacts.