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Our mission

Our mission is to constantly innovate and create easy to use and hassle-free solutions for our clients so they can focus on what matters to them: growing their business and achieving success and their goals. Values we care about: putting the user first, transform the customer journey experience and relationships through deeper, greater, personalized, and meaningful communication channels

Meet our fully remote team

We’re a team of people living and working remotely in 7+ countries. We’re working hard to build a diverse and collaborative team that can empathise with each other to solve hard problems and build services that can help our customers interact and engage with their audience in a seamless way across different messaging platforms.

Jean Carl Cohen

CEO & Co-founder

Maurice Nataf

Customer Success

Mariano Martene

Head of Growth

Anaid Perez

Lead Content Marketer

Sam Kraehenbuehl


Yoni Guimberteau

Yoni Guimberteau

CTO & Co-founder


Dev Team Leader


Dev Team Member




Dev Team Member


Dev Team Member


Dev Team Member

Special thanks

For sharing this incredible journey with us, and had help us become who we are today.

  • Mila Di Bella
  • Audrey Kaiser
  • Adrian Gherman
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