What is SMS ? 

SMS (Short Message Service) is a type of text message sent directly to the mobile phone of your contacts. The receipt of messages sent by SMS is immediate and the reading rate of the information is close to 98%.

With Octopush, adopt the SMS channel in your communication and have access to its various features on an ergonomic platform that can be integrated into your own applications.

Discover the features of SMS

Personalized sender

You can customize the sender of an SMS up to 11 alphanumeric characters, including [0-9], [a-z], [A-Z], the ‘space’ sign, and ‘&’.


Check the deliverability of your sendouts with a delivery receipt for each SMS sent.

Sending SMS is instantaneous for transactional messages and almost instantaneous for marketing messages.



The receipt rate of SMS campaigns is close to 100% and the reading rate is close to 98%. SMS is one of the best communication channels to date.  

Long SMS

The size of an SMS message is 160 characters (GSM standard) but it is possible to send a message up to 764 characters, which is called a long SMS. Don’t limit yourself when communicating.

Special characters

According to the Unicode standard, an SMS can contain alphanumeric characters as well as special characters such as emoticons and characters from non-Latin languages (Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)

Conversational & SMS Chat

Get answers from your contacts with SMS Response and access to your recipients’ responses in the SMS Chat on our platform.


Share the same message to all your contacts while personalizing your mailings with direct mail. Add up to three parameters in addition to the first and last names of your recipients to personalize your text messages.


Octopush’s platform offers you statistical sending reports to evaluate and readjust the relevance of your campaigns

Communicate instantly with your customers at every stage of their journey, no matter where they are.
Make sure your communications are read.
Engage your customers and keep them informed of your best offers.


of recipients read text messages that are sent to them


of recipients reply to SMS
that they receive


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Transactional SMS: instantly inform your contacts and create a positive user experience

Transactional SMS or SMS notification is a text message sent to a recipient’s cell phone following its action in order to instantly communicate important information.

It can be messages of :

  • Single used message such as an OTP (One Time Password)
  • Reservation and appointment confirmation
  • Order and delivery tracking information
  • Alerts
  • …
Transactional SMS
Marketing SMS

SMS marketing: engage your contacts and boost your sales

SMS marketing includes all forms of SMS usage for commercial and/or marketing purposes. It aims to increase the engagement rate of customers and prospects by sending text messages directly to their cell phones. 

It can be messages of :

  • Private sales, 
  • Promotional offers, 
  • Sales, 
  • Invitations to an event.
  • ..
Frequently Asked Questions
How does bulk SMS work?

The bulk SMS’s goal is to reach all your client base in one go.

Octopush offers you the option of creating a single message and to deliver it in bulk from our platform, from your email, or from your internal SMS delivery tool using our API.
To learn more about Bulk SMS we have a comprehensible guide here.

What is a practical application for SMS automation?

To allow you to send preformatted messages to your clients, everything in a marketing calendar, and to interact with them once they answer to those messages.

Examples of automation are :

  • Sending a birthday SMS on your customer’s birthday automatically
  • Receive an alert when the rented car returns to the car park
  • Informing the customer who has made a purchase on your site that their order has been shipped
How can I send SMS through automation anywhere?

With our SMS gateway you can send SMS from pc disregarding of your location.

What are best tools to automate SMS campaigns in software using API?

Setting up the Octopush SMS API, you can send bulk SMS and to schedule the delivery to a determined time in the day. You can also deliver SMS alerts such as appointment reminders and purchase confirmations.

Thanks to our publipostage option, every custom-made SMS you create will arrive in a matter of seconds.

How can SMS services help to improve my business?

Optimize by scheduling a delivery time for the SMS. Looking for the good time to reach your customers in real time will be a thing of the past.

You don’t have to wait for your client to answer your messages, neither worrying about losing the network connection.

Send the same SMS to a greater number of people at the same time.

Create different types of messages, event reminders, appointments, customer service, and even messages related to your security, for example.

What are the advantages of setting the WooCommerce SMS automation tool?

To reduce the cart abandonment: Send automated SMS alerts to lead users, who had a buying intention but didn’t finished the purchase, back to their shopping carts.

Wishlist tracking: Your clients can receive a SMS alert when discounts or offers become available for articles in their Wishlist.

Personalize the user experience: By sending your clients updates of their purchases, deliveries, and restock of an item they showed interest on.

Automatic user management: Account creation, password recovery, purchase validation, among others.

What are the advantages of setting up the SMS automation for a Magento store?

Receive SMS alerts as an administrator for events such as: creation of a new user account, purchase orders, out of stock items, issue of a contact form, or request for a product return.

Automate the delivery of SMS to your customers to confirm their purchases, for the creation of user accounts, orders modifications, tracking of the delivery, password recovery, and promotional codes, among others.

Improve the user experience by custom-made messages.

What are the advantages of setting up the SMS automation for a Prestashop store?

Send exclusive marketing campaigns to announce exclusive offers.

Send SMS alerts to inform your clients about the estate of their deliveries.

Use tags in the messages according to each client, to make it more personal.

Send SMS to your clients at the right moment.

You can collect information of their behavior in your store to create a segmentation plan.

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