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Voice SMS

Transform text messages to voice call automatically.

Voice SMS, what is it ?

The SMS Voice service allows you to send a text message that converts into a voice message. Simply type a text message and our SMS Voice service will turn it into a voicemail message, and send it to the mobile or landline of your recipients.

Do you want to send a voice message to your contacts? Send a reminder? Send your customers a multiple-choice question? We present to you our SMS Voice service that allows you to automate SMS communication between you and your clients.

Listen to a sample and understand how Voice SMS works

What are the specifications for Voice SMS?

  • Text to speech: write a text – we convert it into a voice message using AI technology.
  • Male/female voice: choose the tone and voice you want to include in your voice message.
  • Flexible message length
  • Statistics: compile the Voice SMS receipts, as well as the reading confirmation on our platform for a better analysis of your results.
Voice SMS

Make automated calls from a text message for better audience engagement


Save human resources by automating messages at the speed of over 85.000 calls/hour

Collect feedback immediately without interaction by sending automated surveys

Frequently Asked Questions

A SMS Voice service allows you to send a text message that converts into a voice message.
Simply type a text message and the SMS Voiceservice will turn it into
a voicemail message automatically, and send it to the mobile of your recipients.

SMS Voice are pre-recorded messages up to 30 seconds duration that can be sent to any mobile or network around the world. SMS Voiceis a great tool to reach large audiences for growing and engaging mobile users.

Octopush offers package solutions for any type of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an e-commerce store or you’re a large company, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

You can integrate our SMS Voice API with your CRM using our API documentation here.

This way, you can provide your customers with seamless and personalized communications by reaching them at any time, wherever they are.

At Octopush, we believe that companies need to do everything they can, to understand and make customers’ lives easy.


Plugins and modules to send and receive SMS without coding

Connect Octopush with the tools you already using: Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce and more!