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What is  Voice SMS ? 

Voice SMS is a text message automatically converted into a voice message read aloud using voice synthesis. The adoption of this channel ensures the immediate reception of your communications on cell phones or fixed phones.

It is used for marketing and/or transactional purposes.

Listen to a sample and understand how Voice SMS works

Discover the features of Voice SMS

Text to speech

You write and we transform the text message into a voice message thanks to the voice synthesis. A list of recipients, and it’s sent! 


IVR and call forwarding capabilities

Put your customers and prospects in touch with the right person using interactive call redirection (Type 1 to contact …)



Make sure your voice messages are received with send and read acknowledgement per voice SMS sent. The reception of voice SMS is almost instantaneous.



Choose the language of synthetic reading of the vocal SMS among a non-exhaustive list of languages: Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, etc.


Find the statistical sending reports of your voice SMS on the Octopush platform, evaluate and readjust your campaigns.

Diversify your communication channels to adapt to the evolution of your audience.
Benefit from a reading rate close to SMS’s reading rate (95%).
For a negligible cost, allow landline and cell phone owners to be targeted by your marketing or transactional OTP campaign.

Some use cases of Voice SMS 

Voice SMS or TTS (Text to speech) is an additional communication channel to integrate in your communication which must be multichannel today to facilitate interaction with your user.

Here are some use cases:

  • Launching notifications about your brand news and/or business activity, such as a promotional offer
  • Share last minute information such as a bus line interruption due to construction or weather problems
  • Confirm a medical or administrative appointment
  • Make a payment reminder
  • Inform about a meeting place during a sport event
  • Launch notifications on the status of an order or a delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Voice SMS?

A voice SMS is a text message converted into a voice message delivered to its recipient in the form of a phone call. 

Octopush’s voice messaging service allows you to send a written message in the form of a sound recording. To do so, simply type a text message and the service will transform it into an audio message automatically, and send it to your recipients’ mobile.

What are the characteristics of audio messages?

Audio messages differ from classic text messages due to certain features. These features add value to standard text messages. 

  • More user-friendly, captures the target’s attention much more easily. 
  • More punchy, effective for all kinds of reminders. 
  • Customizable and carrying the identity of your company.
Why do companies use voice recordings?

Voice SMS are pre-recorded messages of up to 30 seconds that can be sent to any mobile or network in the world.

Voice SMS is a great tool to reach a wide audience for the growing and engaging mobile users. Sending voice messages is recommended for sending notifications, alerts, confirmation messages, OTP codes, marketing communications, etc.

Can I integrate voice SMS into my applications with the SMS API?

Yes, you can integrate our Voice SMS API into your applications and software by using our API documentation here.

This way, you will be able to integrate Octopush’s Voice SMS service in 1 minute. This will provide your customers with much more efficient, transparent and personalized communications.

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