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Voice message
Voice message

Voice message: how does it work?

By launching an SMS campaign from your computer or cell phone, you can convert text into audio. The text is entered on a computer or other digital device and sent as a voice message.

You don’t need to record it because the voice is computer generated. Its quality can vary, with some voices being more human than others. There are even some that simulate the voice of a child, a man or a woman.

Why send voice messages by SMS?

iPhone users often send audio recordings via SMS, and rightly so. The voice message is the ideal option in some situations. Especially when they require an intermediate connection between a text message and a phone call.

A text message may not convey the true meaning of your message. On the contrary, the voice message allows you to send up to 30 seconds of audio. Plus, the recipient doesn’t need to have an account on a social network or access the Internet.

For individuals, the iPhone has made this action quite simple thanks to the sending of audio files. However, on Android, you would need to install a third-party application like Google Hangouts.

But how to send the same voice message to multiple recipients at the same time?

Why send voice messages by SMS?
Why send voice messages by SMS?

Voice message: how to use it in companies?

Voice messaging allows you to send important messages via text-to-speech on cell phones, but also on landline phones.

Voicemail services like Octopush can convert SMS messages into short calls, which reach the recipients quickly and reliably.

Although there are many ways to use voice messages, in France, voice messages are restricted to four areas of application, which we have listed below.

Messages related to account activation and authentication

You can send important messages such as an access code, OTP (one-time password), mTAN, etc.

An mTAN (mobile transaction authentication number) is used to confirm banking transactions. It is sent by SMS and serves as an additional layer of security to authorize a transaction. Once the voice message is received, it can be played back.

Voice OTP is a string of characters or numbers sent by phone call to verify a transaction or account login. Voice message authentication is even more secure than SMS authentication because it is virtually impossible to intercept a voice message via an external system.

Alert voice message

These are urgent messages that recipients should not miss under any circumstances. Alerts can warn of extreme weather conditions or natural disasters. Not to mention road closures, missing persons or evacuations. In short, anything that could threaten the safety or life of the recipients.

In France, the system used for opt-in alerts may vary from one region to another. However, the reasons for these warnings are rather similar.

For example, in an alert area where technicians need to be reliably and quickly informed of malfunctions or critical situations, it is very important to provide them with channels that allow them to communicate continuously, so that they are able to be efficient and find solutions to any problem.

Messages for people with visual difficulties

This is a situation to consider, as the system calls the recipient and recites the message to them. For example for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical centers, where email is not an ideal solution, patients may have difficulty reading appointment reminders and notifications received via SMS. They have less difficulty responding to a phone call.

Voice messages are an excellent method of communication because they are direct, the recipient can respond instantly, and older and visually impaired patients are more easily able to receive information that is relevant to them.

Voice message, what use to make of it in companies?
Voice message, what use to make of it in companies?

Messages to landline phones

Contrary to what we may think, not everyone owns a cell phone.  According to a report by ARCEP in 2019, 77% of French people own a smartphone. The remaining 23% of the population still uses a fixed line.

While many modern landlines are wireless, the boxes they are connected to still rely on a wired connection.

Organizations and businesses consider the landline to be a preferred communication channel. There are many reasons for this. The call quality is better, and they work even when the Internet connection is down, as well as during power outages.

These are crucial things to consider. Especially if you want to send a short message to a landline.