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Send a voice message without calling
Send a voice message without calling

You may be short on time, nervous about talking to them, or simply don’t want to bother them. You can avoid calling someone’s cell phone and still communicate effectively with a personal touch through voicemail messages by using a voicemail service.

Leave a voice message directly on the answering machine for business purposes

Avoiding ringing your correspondent’s cell phone depends on his telephone operator. If you are a private individual, simply type the number to leave a message directly on the voice mailbox, dial the number of your correspondent, and finish with the # key.

This approach at first glance simply becomes cumbersome when you want to send a high number of messages to several recipients. In this case when it comes to leaving messages with commercial intent.

The advantages of leaving a message directly on the answering machine

The main advantage of leaving a message directly without ringing is to allow the correspondents to listen to it at his discretion. Although the French are checking their voice mailboxes less and less, they do so regularly. Voicemail is therefore becoming a little-used marketing tool that could bring you closer to your customers.

Leaving a message directly on the answering machine holds a personal touch different from sending an SMS, as the latter lacks the intonation and human warmth that your brand could reflect on a voice message. With advance planning you can launch your message a few days ahead of your commercial launch.

Placing a voice message directly on the answering machine is a powerful advertising medium that does not disturb your audience because it communicates to you without making the phone ring.

Combining it with other communication channels such as SMS, voicemail applications, email, among others, ensures you understand a comprehensive multi-channel strategy to increase customer engagement with your brand.

Disadvantages of leaving a message on the answering machine for sales approaches

Despite the advantages mentioned above, you should know that leaving a message without calling the caller directly on the phone also has a significant number of disadvantages.

For starters, you can’t use the voicemail service if the person you’re calling doesn’t have an active voicemail feature, doesn’t have a third-party voicemail service or a prepaid cell phone, or simply has a full voicemail box,

While the service is free, you may be charged if you pay for airtime for your cell phone.

According to the Digital Barometer 2021, 70% of French people communicate with their loved ones through a messaging application like Viber, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. Rate has seen an incredible growth since 2016, when only 30% of the population used this type of application.

Nowadays smartphones have crossed the gap to become small laptops instead of just phone devices. Users are using less and less services like voicemail in favor of leaving a message directly through an application or leaving an SMS message.

How to leave a voicemail for business communications

How to leave a voice message to transmit professional communications?
How to leave a voice message to transmit professional communications?

If your intention is to send a voice message to your audience for notification purposes, you should know that there are services like voice SMS.

Voice SMS allows you to send an audio message from an SMS sending platform like Octopush, all without the need to record your own voice or hire a voice over actor for your communications.

TTS (read aloud technology) transforms the text you composed by typing on your computer or cell phone keyboard into a synthetic voice recording that recites it during a phone call.

Why use voice SMS for your communications instead?

Voice SMS allows you to send your business communications to contact lists without limiting the number of phone numbers. Instead of composing a unique message for each recipient, you can create a universal message that will be transmitted in real time to people.

French law requires that voice messages be used for informational purposes only, never for commercial purposes. This instead of being a problem becomes an advantage, because your customers are waiting to receive your voice message. This ensures a 100% reception rate, no other communication channel can compare to this effect.

Why use voice SMS for your communications?
Why use voice SMS for your communications?

The voice SMS message also offers similar features to SMS messages, allowing scheduled sending, tracking of sending and recording of acknowledgements.