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For companies that use SMS as their main communication channel, RCS is a source of many opportunities. Thanks to a much more enriched content, it is indeed possible to get even closer to its customers and to maintain good relations with them. 

Are you interested in the subject? We tell you everything there is to know about RCS SMS and its potential in business through this file. 

RCS SMS and its potential in business

What are Rich Communication Services? 

Developed by Google and the GSMA consortium, RCS or Rich Communication Services is a brand new mobile communication protocol. For many, RCS is the enriched evolution of the classic SMS. Indeed, RCS allows sending messages, but with multimedia content (photos, videos, files, audio messages, etc.), logos and also all kinds of animations. This explains the notion of “enriched message” with the added bonus of a much better display quality. In addition to all this, there is also the possibility of sharing links that allows companies to bypass the 160 characters of normal SMS. 

In a way, we can consider RCS SMS to be a fusion between instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. Otherwise, many also consider RCS as the Android version of Apple’s iMessage.  

With all these features, we can conclude that RCS SMS has all the advantages of SMS, but also of instant messaging applications. When used in a company, RCS allows for much more dynamic and rich conversations with third parties (customers, prospects, partners, etc.), but not only. Indeed, for a company, RCS SMS also allows them to build a brand image. 

RCS SMS: What features are available on RCS? 

The features available on RCS are numerous and may vary depending on the operators you choose. 

However, in general, with RCS, it is possible to: 

  • Send high-quality multimedia files (photos, videos, audio messages, etc.)
  • Create group chats or chat individually with your contacts 
  • Share your geolocation 
  • Write much longer texts (unlike traditional messages which have a limit of 160 characters)
  •  Know if the message has been delivered and read by the recipient (it also allows you to see if the correspondent is responding thanks to the three dots that appear in the conversation)
What features are available on RCS?

RCS SMS: Why is RCS a source of opportunity for businesses?

For businesses, using an RCS SMS strategy is a real opportunity to build a brand image. This communication protocol allows you to shape the image that your customers and prospects convey about your company. 

Why should you do this?

Well, first of all, note that the effectiveness of SMS as a communication channel in business is no longer to be proven. Indeed, sending SMS allows you to benefit from a better rate of derivability and reading (the rates are close to 100%). Unfortunately, at the present time, to attract more customers, to build loyalty and to build an image, the 160 characters of classic SMS are not enough. That’s why you have to opt for the enriched formula of this communication channel. 

RCS allows you to have lively and interactive conversations to convert prospects and build customer loyalty 

Whether you’re looking to convert prospects or retain customers, the most important thing you can do is to improve your conversational skills with your third parties. To do this, there is nothing better than using the conversational “chat” mode of the RCS. Indeed, thanks to this communication channel, interactions are much more lively and interactive. Response latency is greatly reduced and your third parties enjoy talking to you. 

What’s more, thanks to RCS chats, your third parties have access to a variety of interesting actions for your brand. For example, they can visit your e-commerce site, answer questions with one click and much more. All this, plus the multimedia files are of excellent quality and display smoothly. 

In short, by using SMS RCS, you greatly improve the customer experience of those you interact with. And that, in turn, will help you build loyalty, attract more customers and build a good brand image. A brand that cares about its customers and third parties. 

The RCS or the ultimate marketing strategy tool

The RCS allows you to highlight the identity of your company and give confidence to third parties who discuss with you 

Also note that thanks to SMS, your company can be easily identified. Indeed, on the exchange platforms, you can put your logo and the name of your company. It is the same in the body of the message. All this, in order to show your contacts that you are an authentic and trusted brand.