SMS Newsletter to build customer loyalty

You can imagine that if companies create a newsletter, it is not just for the pleasure of informing. In fact, thanks to this practice, a company has the possibility to increase customer loyalty. Especially when combined with the sending of SMS alerts. 

You want to know how it works? Octopush tells you everything through this article. 

But first of all, why create an SMS newsletter? 

When you have a website, a blog or an online store, the creation of an SMS newsletter is necessary. Not because it is an obligation, but because this practice allows you to create and maintain a link with your customers or readers. 

By sending a newsletter to your subscribers on a regular basis you can :

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Highlight and promote your products or services
  • Inform about the news of your company, your store or your activity
  • Generate more traffic on your blog, your website or your online store

How to build customer loyalty with this tool? 

As previously mentioned, creating and sending a rich SMS newsletter on a regular basis can help you build customer loyalty. Provided of course that you know how to create a good newsletter and that you manage to exploit this tool well. In this sense, it is not enough to write an email in a hurry and send them to all your subscribers. You have to work on the content, but also the form of your newsletter. 

A successful newsletter is above all a newsletter that contains the right information. Often, companies rely on sharing a selection of products on promotion and a news article. With quality content and a well worked form, the newsletter can become a real weapon of loyalty. On the contrary, when its design is neglected, some disadvantages may appear. 

The advantages of a good newsletter

If you manage to use a newsletter well, you can : 

  • Create a regular contact link with your customers 
  • Increase considerably the traffic to your website (which could allow you to generate more sales and therefore turnover)
  • Improve your notoriety on the web, but also with your customers and their entourage
The advantages of a good newsletter

The disadvantages of a badly used newsletter

If you neglect the content and the form of your newsletter, it is possible that :

  • You lose customers and subscribers to your newsletter
  • You will lose a lot of traffic on your website
  • You do not reach your objectives in terms of sales, referencing and notoriety 

How to make your newsletter a success? 

In order to help you succeed with your newsletter, here are some tips to consider. 

  • Use a catchy subject line: if you want your subscribers to read your newsletter, you must first make sure that its subject line is interesting. Of course, we don’t ask you to make false promises to make readers want to read it. But rather, opt for a catchy title that perfectly summarizes the content of your email. 
  • Avoid “spam” words: to avoid your email ending up in the spam of your readers, some words should be banned from your content. The most common ones are: money, free, free trial, exceptional offer and much more. We suggest that you do a little research before writing your newsletter. 
  • Be understandable, use short and simple sentences: to write a newsletter, you don’t need to use turns of phrase worthy of French writers. On the contrary, you should adopt a simple and understandable writing style. In one reading, your subscribers should be able to understand what you mean. 
Why create an SMS newsletter?

What about SMS alerts? 

To ensure that the objectives of a newsletter are met, some companies send SMS alerts.

Indeed, we don’t all have the reflex to consult your mailbox to keep ourselves informed. This means that, sometimes, newsletters are neither open nor read. As a result, the sending of emails will have been useless. To remedy this, it is therefore necessary to contact the newsletter subscribers directly. Hence the need to send SMS alerts. 

The interesting thing about SMS alerts is that 98% of them are read by subscribers. In fact, according to statistics, an SMS is read within 4 minutes of receipt. In other words, if you manage to interest your contact with the SMS alert, you will have a better chance of having them read your newsletter. Here, the main thing is to write an SMS that makes people want to read it, which is not easy when you only have 160 characters at your disposal. Fortunately, to offer a more interesting SMS content, there are enriched SMS. 

To send your SMS alerts, do not hesitate to contact us. Indeed, at Octopush, we have several services that will fit your needs. So, whether you are looking to send classic SMS, SMS 2.0 or RCS SMS, we are the provider you need.