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To communicate on their products and services, marketing companies benefit from many means of communication including SMS. This is the case of the distribution of flyers, the animation of social networks or the sending of newsletters. All companies have at their disposal tools that are more or less effective, affordable and easy to use. But, for the last ten years, a new tool has appeared, and it is undoubtedly the best. It is a promotional sms service. Are you hesitating to start the adventure of communication via an SMS service? Discover all the information and advantages of SMS marketing communication! 

Promotional SMS service

Promotional SMS communication service: Make highly targeted advertising to your audience via the web

If the promotional SMS service has been able to differentiate itself among all communication tools, it is thanks to its speed and its options. Indeed, once your sms strategy is ready, you only need a few minutes to prepare and send your message via any number. But, this tool is very effective in terms of advertising and communication. 

Since the open rate of the SMS message is 97%, many people are willing to read your messages. Thus, you can target your messages to a specific group of people. It can be traders or professionals. The sms service then becomes a complete and exceptional tool. Its options (easy to master) allow you to do everything you want while adapting it to the needs of your customers. 

Therefore, you can organize and launch personalized campaigns according to your customers’ desires. For example, you can personalize your messages and every communication with information about them. It will be enough to insert their name or first name to add a certain proximity with the customers. Moreover, you have the possibility to activate the sms answering machine according to your needs. In this way, your target occupies a primordial place in your activities and all this thanks to little information like their phone numbers. 

Integrate the API directly into your E-commerce application interface for your bulk transactional SMS messages over the internet

The promotional SMS http service allows you to advertise through simple sending methods. However, to take advantage of it for a long time, you need to integrate the API (application programming interface) into your e-commerce interface. How can you achieve this for a better fluidity in your mass SMS marketing message sending through the internet? 

Indeed, the API (or Application Programming Interface) is a standardized set of methods or functions giving you the possibility to communicate your services via an SMS server for each of your bulk messages. So, if you want to boost your sales via bulk message services, it would be more beneficial to use the API for your campaigns. For this, you need to attach all the essential data (about the customer) to your interface, in order to satisfy them at any time. 

The result is quite impressive. The customer receives your transactional or marketing SMS, clicks on the link (which has been integrated) and enjoys a wide range of services available on your e-commerce page. Of course, you will have to offer services that will attract the customer. That’s why the use of the API is highly recommended or the creation of your own SMS server.

A better promotional SMS service with Octopush

Keep in touch with your customers thanks to an SMS alert and SMS appointment reminder service via the web

In case your message has been sent via the internet (using the promotional sms service), it is important to maintain contact with your customers via their numbers. To do so, it is recommended to send sms alerts, information or appointment reminders to your customers. You must send them regularly in order to encourage the customer to use your services. Nevertheless, take into account their availability in order to get better returns on investment on each sending of SMS message by internet whatever the options.

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