The http SMS service is a great asset for businesses. Around the world, many companies are developing effective SMS strategies to boost the web and physical revenues of their businesses. E-mails, phone calls, posters, flyers… So many communication strategies are implemented in order to retain customers and control all offers simply by engaging conversations. But, if a company intends to experience real changes in marketing, it must use a more modern method, whether through the creation of its own SMS server or not. And, the http service is more qualified to take on this responsibility whether on a platform or via a message API with our mobile number. 

The Http SMS service

What is a mobile SMS message sending via HTTP service?

Sending sms via internet http service is the most appropriate solution for professionals and companies, all sectors of activity. As its name indicates, this new communication strategy allows you to send advertising sms from your computer, using the HTTP service. 

Thus, the user of this service can manage a set of features for sending and receiving sms through HTTP requests and codes. The management of these functionalities is possible via an Internet protocol. So, no need to intervene or hire experts in the field. All you need to do is synchronize all the parameters in order to send the message streams to each mobile number in record time. 

Of course, HTTP service also offers you the possibility to save all your customers’ address books, to regularly note the date of sending sms messages, to write a particular type of sms, to receive acknowledgements of receipt or to manage customers’ replies. So don’t hesitate to use it to guarantee the delivery of your messages. You will be able to manage the content of all your messages for each number. 

Is an “HTTP sms service” different from an SMS Gateway or an SMS API gateway?

If you are wondering, there is no real difference between these two services. The HTTP sms service is a program that offers the possibility to converse between two computers. It is then possible to send sms to a customer contact on his number by following the instructions. 

Similarly, the SMS Gateway is a hardware and software system (or gateway) that allows the flow connection between two networks. As soon as a user contacts such a device, the latter will examine his request. If it meets the administrator’s rules, the gateway automatically creates a link between the two networks. 

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the SMS Gateway has an additional security feature. Every piece of information (or message) that has to pass to a client is subject to controls so that the reader can enjoy it. Both the https sms service and the SMS Gateway have the same objective: to satisfy the user by offering a wide range of services to build customer loyalty. So, use these two services to boost your business. 

Conversation data : Octopush API, your companion in your sending via HTTP

The Octopush API to help you send data via HTTP

Want to boost your conversation marketing economy? There is only one solution: sending sms via HTTP. But, to get the most out of it, use the Octopush API. We offer one of the best professional solutions in the field of marketing to contact each customer via his number and all this in mass. Our team accompanies you throughout your sms marketing campaigns by offering you many services. Thanks to this API, you improve your conversion rate while increasing the traffic on your web page.

We put at your disposal our API for sending mass messages by guaranteeing you all the security of the information, data flows and transmitted conversations. Find our documentation with all the useful information for your developers.

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