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Indeed, the use of enriched sms would allow to attract even more customers, but also to retain the ones you already have. The question now is: how can the use of rich sms contribute to the loyalty of a company’s customers? Here is the answer from Octopush. 

Rich SMS to build customer loyalty
Rich SMS to build customer loyalty

What is a rich sms? 

A rich sms is a modernized version of the classic sms. It is indeed much more practical since it can contain a short clickable link that redirects to a specialized page. The insertion of the short URL is a strategy that allows to overcome the 150 characters maximum imposed for the classic sms.

A rich SMS can also be enhanced with other multimedia content that allows for greater interactivity between the author and the recipient of the message. The multimedia in question can be photos, videos, files, voice messages, etc. This is called the RCS message. Another evolution of the classic sms that allows to get even closer to customers and prospects.

What is the use of rich sms?

If the rich sms is so appreciated nowadays, it is mainly because it allows them to make an extremely convincing call to action.

Indeed, in companies, making sms campaigns with classic sms allows to have a consequent rate of deliverability and reading. However, the information delivered is limited to only 150 characters. And building an argument to convince a prospect to act with so little is simply impossible. This is why rich sms were created. 

Indeed, the rich sms is a message containing a link that redirects to a specialized page.  In marketing jargon, we talk about a landing page, a web page that can be fully customized to convince the customer to take action. Either to buy, to subscribe, to rent, to register, to use a coupon, to fill out a form and much more. 

And for companies, it is this combination of rich text messages and landing pages that is an asset. 

What is the use of Rich SMS?
What is the use of Rich SMS?

How to build customer loyalty with Rich SMS? 

Rich SMS 2.0 allows you to redirect your prospects and customers to any web page of your choice. You can perfectly use this ability to your advantage. Not only to attract new customers, but also to retain the ones you already have. 

At Octopush, we propose you to discover some practices to retain the customers you already have and make sure that they always come back to you. 

Send a rich sms to your customers the day after their purchase to create a link with them 

To build a good customer relationship with your customers, the day after the purchase. That is, when the customer still remembers it perfectly, is one of the best times to send a rich sms. 

You can for example provide a link to a tutorial on how to use the product. Or a link to a list of complementary products to their purchase. Or simply share a page that talks about your brand and your latest news. The idea here is to make sure that your customer can discover a little more about your company. This will allow them to assimilate the identity of your brand. Alternatively, you can also paste a link that redirects to your satisfaction survey (this could be useful for finding new marketing leads). 

Share exceptional promotions when you have the opportunity 

In addition, to keep your customers coming back, you might as well share links to coupons with your most active customers. Otherwise, think about giving access to private sales or free trial offers. 

By doing this, your customers will feel valued and special when they buy from you. And logically, they will look to buy even more to receive even more promotions. 

How to build customer loyalty with Rich SMS?
How to build customer loyalty with Rich SMS?

Revive your abandoned carts 

Thanks to rich sms, you also have the possibility to relaunch your abandoned carts. To do so, you just have to send rich sms to your abandoned carts to encourage them to resume their order. Or else, links that redirect them to similar products that are much more interesting or a link that will allow them to get help or advice. 

Thanks to rich sms, you can considerably increase your sales and your conversion rate. 

Wake up your inactive customers

Finally, with the help of rich sms, you also have the possibility to encourage your inactive customers to buy or visit your site. One of your most loyal customers hasn’t visited your site in months? Send them an enriched sms with a promotional offer that will encourage them to buy again.