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It is impossible to conceive of a company or a business without customers. Indeed, the customer base is at the heart of any commercial structure. This is the reason why it is said that the clientele is the essential element of a business. In a company, the challenge is to attract customers in order to optimize sales. For this purpose, there are many marketing strategies, SMS or others. But not all are equal. Are you looking for an inbound marketing tool to improve conversion and ROI? Maybe you should think about conversational marketing. There are a thousand and one reasons why it can be a perfect ally in customer retention and revenue development. 

With conversational marketing, attract more visitors and increase your sales.
With conversational marketing, attract more visitors and increase your sales.

The basics of conversational marketing 

Conversational marketing can be defined as an approach that puts the customer relationship at the heart of the marketing strategy. It involves listening to potential customers or prospects on an individual basis. The objective is to develop a relationship with them by providing them with useful content in response to their individual requests. 

Conversational marketing techniques have indeed evolved through the implementation of enterprise chatbots. The latter represents an efficient way to stay in touch with potential customers through the piloting of a conversation. 

Nowadays, with the advent of digital technology, conversational marketing on messenger or others mainly revolves around the implementation of social networks and digital communication means such as email marketing, subscription forms or voice applications. As you can see, there are many channels to boost the purchase of your solution, service or product.

Boost your inbound marketing strategy by attracting the prospect to contact you

In another register than social networks, the Call To Action marketing strategy and the Landing page aim at attracting the future customer in order to transform him into a prospect. Conversations with a chatbot (on messenger or internally on your website for example) also share the same purpose. But they must be concise and useful. Also, the questions asked must correspond to the user’s stage in the buyer’s process and allow them to create a relationship. 

Furthermore, for the chatbot to be effective in your marketing strategy, the questions it asks should be humanized. This allows users to have an infatuation to get in touch with you. 

Indeed, one of the advantages of conversational marketing also lies in the fact that it is the customers who come looking for you and not the opposite. 

Moreover, conversational marketing allows you to establish an omni-channel conversation. This is justified by the fact that this conversation can start on several channels: Messenger, Facebook, etc. and continue through any other channel while keeping the history of the flows and conversations. 

The prospect has the possibility to continue the discussion via a chatbot on your website, a mobile quiz solution or an interactive terminal at the point of sale. 

This is where SMS marketing can come in because thanks to the different types of SMS, you can create a link with your audience and keep in touch in real time with your customers and prospects. It is in a way, a new method of conversational marketing that is proving itself every day with our clients.

The objectives of conversational marketing for your customers and prospects

The goal of conversational marketing is not to lose visitors. Indeed, as you know, more and more Internet users are looking for immediate answers to questions they might have about an offer, a product or a brand. As a result, not taking this aspect into account could reduce the interest of visitors to get in touch with you. 

Clearly, by integrating conversational marketing into your inbound strategy, the goal is to increase the conversion rate. This is achieved by accompanying the customer through the buying process. 

The purpose of conversational marketing
The purpose of conversational marketing

However, it should be noted that there are different objectives depending on the position of the prospect in the tunnel. These include:

  • Attract the visitor by offering personalized content from the first contact;
  • Increase the conversion rate with interactive content;
  • Call to action;
  • Increase sales while streamlining the process with conversation;
  • Give customers immediate answers to their questions;
  • Assist the satisfied customer to turn him into an ambassador.