The API send SMS has now become a marketing tool in its own right. Its reach and its high return rate position it among the solutions that must necessarily be exploited. The advantages are numerous, it allows companies to program and launch targeted campaigns quite easily. The follow-up is then better and the exchanges with the customers are much more fluid. Integrating the sending of automatic SMS from its platform is then essential. 

API send SMS
API send SMS

What is an “API send SMS”? 

The term API, in the field of SMS or not, actually means “Application Programming Interface”. It is an application programming interface that allows the connection between several software. They can therefore exchange data without difficulty. In practice, it consists of various functions that allow a developer to use an application in his system. 

In fact, he uses an SMS gateway that acts as a connection point between the World Wide Web and the operators’ networks. The codes can in this way pass to reach the destination without problem. The main advantage is to be able to send and receive SMS and to be able to check in real time the status of each message sent. 

The send sms API: installation of the Octopush platform for developers

Octopush provides you with various tools to implement the API protocol on your personal devices. You will need to integrate or automate the sending of SMS with an existing software. To succeed in the process, go to the Octopush platform to download the proposed documents. 

To help you, a user guide is available and allows you to understand in more detail the steps to perform. After the registration, an API key for the integration to a tool or platform will be available in your personal data. Acknowledgements and blacklisting requests will be transferred to you automatically. The concerned Url will have to be sent to Octopush which will take care of transmitting the HTTP API requests for SMS acknowledgements. 

Integrate the automation of your SMS sendings directly from your e-tailers

SMS sending automation consists in sending messages without any human intervention. The process simply follows each scenario that has been defined in advance. The sending of automatic messages in addition to being economical and particularly effective. With this system, the communication becomes very fast and can reach a large target. In general, an SMS is read about three minutes after the recipient has received it. 

Automate your SMS sending from your e-commerce sites via the send SMS API
Automate your SMS sending from your e-commerce sites via the send SMS API

All your contacts receive in real time the information you wish to send them. The automatic nature of the SMS is the guarantee of a great reactivity and a close contact with each customer. Moreover, the reading rate for an SMS is well over 95%, which is higher than that of emails. You are thus more confident that your message will be read by almost 100% of the contacts to whom you have sent it. Also, the memorization rate is quite high and the information disclosed is retained rather easily by the people who receive it. A sending platform makes it easy to set up automatic SMS sending.