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Web SMS is a great tool to automate your customer contact processes. Currently, sending SMS is not a new thing for those who know the system. For many years, sending sms has been revolutionizing the marketing strategy of companies. Recently, a more effective method has been created to build customer loyalty. It is the web sms. With a few clicks, you can automate all your contact processes. Have you decided to use it? You have probably made the right decision. 

Web SMS client

“Web SMS client”: Explanation of a web platform specialized in sending SMS

You want to make your marketing campaigns more dynamic? Use the Octopush web platform. Specialized in sending sms for several years, Octopush really distinguishes itself from other platforms through the numerous communication services it offers to marketing companies. 

Indeed, Octopush allows you to automate messages in order to satisfy all your customers. Thus, you can send messages to unlimited recipients via the Internet. Note that its “group texting” service gives you the possibility to share the same message to the general public while personalizing it according to the recipient.

Octopush also offers an instant SMS sending speed with a 100% reception rate of pro SMS. Obviously, by using the services of this platform, you guarantee a 98% opening rate of your sms. So you reach more people than ever before. 

Even better, you can try the Octopush platform for free. Thanks to it, you join the group of a large number of connected and dynamic companies around the world. To take advantage of these benefits, you will only have to do one thing: you must register to the platform’s sms sending interface. This is free, without obligation and takes only one minute. Easy, isn’t it? 

From appointment reminders to marketing promotions: automate your contact processes with customer web sms

Today, customer web sms is one of the best communication tools in marketing. If you want your customers to receive your messages more often, you must use this tool. Moreover, this tool allows you to automate your contact processes. How can you do this? 

In fact, the web sms allows you to automatically merge the data of your contacts with those you have. Moreover, this tool is an efficient way through which you can record all the changes made by the customer (comments, service comparisons, opinions, etc.). Your customers’ data is quickly saved in your contact lists, and you can use it for your sms campaigns. The advantage? 

Automate your contact processes with Web SMS customer

No matter what form your sms takes, you can be sure to send it to the right person. Whether it’s a marketing promotion, an appointment reminder or an advertisement, you can track all sms sent to contacts in real time. 

The way to evolve to another level with the Octopush API

SMS is an integral part of any multichannel approach because of its reach and high response rate. But, to send mass sms and get good returns, the best solution is to use the Octopush API. 

With this tool, it’s another world that offers itself to your company. The Octopush API allows you to take advantage of a wide range of features. This way, you can automate the sending of your messages. Use the services of Octopush, sign up and provide a real service to your customers.