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best practices for generating leads with SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is at the center of the Mobile Marketing strategy that we’re seeing gain more and more adepts. It might be that we hate using email but we love sending texts, that SMS Marketing has a better response from customers than email campaigns.

sms vs email

To take advantage of this and start sending messages that will drive more leads, we should always remember:

Let people know

Promote your number so that people can reach out to you. Include your number in your website, Facebook page and paid ads and encourage people to send you an SMS whenever they want (just be sure to respond right away!)

Include a CTA

Tell your prospects what to do with a clear call-to-action. Before you send your message, take a moment to think about what’s the ultimate goal for your communication and include a call-to-action that will guide your prospects towards that goal.

Be concise

By sending SMS you’re opting for an immediate way of communication, which means your prospects won’t have time for long readings. To illustrate the kind of attention that your leads will have for you, try to imagine yourself driving through a highway and then suddenly seeing an ad on a board. That’s the kind of short message that we’re trying to emulate here.


Your customers will pay attention only to what covers their special needs, so use segmentation to target those that could find value in your offer. To do this, try creating different lists of customers to send them the information they will value the most.


Include SMS in your campaign flows to follow up on customer behavior. With the Octopush API you can make your own integrations with your CRM or e-commerce apps, and also use our plugins for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Woocomerce, Prestashop, Magento and Zapier (with which you can connect with over 2000 other apps). Click here to know more.

Keep the conversation going

The ultimate goal of SMS Marketing is to create a fast, reliable way of communicating with your customers said Mariano Martene, Full Stack Marketer. You can create complex conversation flows enabling your mobile number not only to send but to receive messages from your prospects anywhere in the world. Click here to know more.

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