Reminding an appointment by SMS can be extremely useful to avoid having to face a missed appointment even with a reminder. When this rate becomes high, it should be a warning to you. To overcome this and to have a better management of a date, we propose you the SMS confirmation of appointment via Google Calendar or other. This marketing technique is extremely popular with professionals in many fields via their agenda. Among them, the medical and paramedical fields and many other types of companies. They can indeed reduce by 4 the number of unkept appointments other than by unanswered reminders. Are you still skeptical about this excellent technique? 

Confirm appointment via SMS
Confirm appointment via SMS


The appointment confirmation is an excellent way to remind a customer of an appointment by message. Indeed, through an automated messaging system, appointment confirmation is much easier.

In the professional world, it is a very efficient technique to fight against forgotten appointments.

This efficiency is explained by the accessibility and ease of use of SMS. Indeed, SMS confirmations offer the guarantee of being easily received and read by the majority of recipients and in a unique way for each customer.

Why opt for SMS appointment confirmations?

Appointment confirmation messages offer many advantages: time saving, optimization of customer relations or personalization of confirmation SMS. 

Excellent time saving through reminders

With just a few clicks, it is possible to send SMS appointment confirmations to your customers thanks to the programming of automatic message confirmations. Thus, your customers will instantly receive your message and can confirm or not the appointment. Clever and efficient, this technique allows you to better organize your schedule and save precious time.

A unique customer contact: the personalization of confirmation SMS

The SMS mode gives you access to several features to personalize your sending. You will be able to insert certain variables (name, first names, time of the appointment, phone number, etc.) in your confirmations to your customers and in your reminders. 

You can also customize the sender and set the date and time of sending the message. Also, the effectiveness of SMS confirmations is found in the limited number of characters in an SMS message. This encourages you to write short, concise and easy-to-read confirmation messages to share the essential information with your customers. 

Why use SMS appointment confirmation

Why use SMS appointment confirmation

Optimisation of customer relations

It is possible to create several templates of SMS confirmations of appointments that you will choose when sending them to your customers. In addition, customers can confirm or cancel their appointment with a simple SMS response. For example, unlike the reminder, you can insert in your confirmation message, “reply YES to this SMS to confirm your appointment or reply NO to this SMS to cancel your appointment”.

How to set up the appointment confirmation SMS

There is an infinite number of solutions for configuring automated appointment confirmation SMS messages that are different from appointment reminder SMS messages. 

But, few are secure or allow a complete configuration of your campaigns. By choosing Octopush, you are sure to use a 100% secure platform that guarantees the confidentiality of your SMS and your database. The platform can be connected to many tools and is even available in API to facilitate the management of your SMS marketing campaigns.

By now, you know everything about the usefulness and configuration of appointment sms to boost your customer response rate. You will gain a lot by integrating it into your habits and staying professional.

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