With good practices, sending a pro SMS is not complicated. Fast, easy to use, inexpensive… The SMS pro is one of the most used solutions to boost all the activities of companies. The different performances it shows have placed it in the top of the strategies used in business. Whatever the activity (special promotions, loyalty programs, exceptional offers), SMS pro can be used to increase the revenues of a company. 

Send SMS pro
Send SMS pro

Professional SMS marketing must be integrated into a complete strategy

SMS is a lever that allows brands and companies to get in touch with their customers. Its advantages are numerous, because the majority of customers have a cell phone. It is then easier to send professional sms. Thus, a company can send mass sms to its prospects and to each customer (the latter having consented to receive them). 

Compared to emails, the experience of SMS communication is shorter. In general, this type of sms can be written in 160 characters. And, they are delivered immediately. Moreover, they are read a few minutes after being sent. Why is this? Some customers say that the text message attracts more attention. That’s why the unsubscribe rate of your pro sms will be low. 

Better yet, by using pro sms, you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness and engagement with each customer while generating more sales. And, if your company is in the e-commerce, restaurant or education industry, it’s even better. By using SMS, you can reach many more targets in a shorter period of time, which is a great solution. 

Sending professional SMS to your contacts: for each marketing strategy, its type of SMS

The SMS pro is a communication channel. You can use it in all the activities of your company. But, it is more appropriate to determine which message to send, according to your needs. 

  • The relational sms

You can use the relational sms (or relationship sms) to build user loyalty (your contacts). Unlike advertising, it is an informational practice that delivers a very good customer experience. It also allows you to transform all your prospects into true ambassadors. 

Each marketing strategy has its own type of SMS
Each marketing strategy has its own type of SMS
  • The professional promotional sms campaign

Known as advertising sms, the promotional sms is one of the most widespread messages. You can use it to relay your current promotional offers to your customers and prospects. The objectives of this type of sms are clear. It allows you to generate traffic in a point of sale, to increase the average basket and to acquire new customers (who will be your contacts). 

  • The transactional professional sms

It is a message that can be transmitted individually or in mass. In general, it is used following an action carried out by customers. In case they have booked or purchased a product, you can use this communication strategy. 

Advantages of campaign management: Send longer messages with SMS pro

Sending professional SMS messages as part of a campaign is a time and money saving solution. But, to optimize your relationship with your customers, it is possible to send longer sms messages. These contain more than 456 characters (the equivalent of three sms). Thanks to these long sms, you benefit from more space for your commercial text. You reach a wider audience and improve your communication with each customer.