Want to make your marketing strategy more dynamic? There are many ways to do it. Flyers, posters, e-mail, cell phones… Over the years, these different methods have proven to be very effective, as the marketing sms campaign. Nevertheless, to offer your company a better visibility, the commercial or marketing sms campaign is the most appropriate communication strategy. 

The commercial SMS allows to communicate quickly offers limited in time
The commercial SMS allows to communicate quickly offers limited in time

What is a commercial sms?

Still called “advertising sms”, the commercial sms is the most appreciated method of mass communication in the marketing world. This strategy has quickly imposed itself through its ease of use. Today, it represents a real asset for all the activities of a company. 

Indeed, the commercial sms consists in sending promotional campaigns or invitations to events, through SMS. These messages are essentially intended to communicate time-limited offers, alerts or commercial information to customers (who have agreed to receive them). The marketing objective of each campaign is therefore very clear. You write texts that customers and prospects read to buy your products and services directly from all mobile communication campaigns. 

Also note that many companies, from all sectors, use a commercial sms campaign to communicate to the majority of their customers. By using this solution, you will be in the trend of the moment. In addition, you can write and send text messages to hundreds or even thousands of people around the world. 

How to write this kind of mobile sms marketing?

Start by getting permission from individual customers for your marketing mailing. Whether they are part of your files or you want to send the sms to new customers, you need to make sure you have their prior consent when you collect their personal data for your campaigns.  

Next, target your recipients for each mobile sms campaign. Age range, gender, buying habits, geographical location of each customer… Use all the key information in your data to personalize your prospecting messages. It is according to these criteria that your message will be more impactful, to be done for each campaign. 

How to write a commercial SMS?
How to write a commercial SMS?

Furthermore, you must identify yourself. Your recipients must immediately know who has sent them a commercial sms in the context of a prospecting or not. To do this, integrate in your sms a brand, a name or an activity, so that the customers can identify you, without any difficulty. On the other hand, you should not put aside the rule of 160 characters. You must be very objective and to the point. 

Finally, finish writing the message by planning the sendings. This way, you can send your messages according to the availability of your customers. In addition, do not hesitate to integrate a bit of humor, a promotional offer or a URL Link to your message to boost the sale of your commercial offer.  

Who to send a commercial sms prospecting campaign to? 

Know that starting a commercial sms campaign is intended for all your customers and prospects. You can also send it to all the people who regularly visit your company’s premises or to potential buyers as part of a targeted prospecting. You have the possibility to send the sms to former customers, to your employees, to your various contacts and to your friends. By making every effort to maximize the chances on your side, your company will be more successful simply by using relevant data to serve your sales.