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There is nothing more annoying than waiting indefinitely for a client or visitor who never comes. Indeed, each missed appointment is often preceded by a loss of time and an increase in stress. This can also lead to a decrease in productivity whether you are in the medical or commercial sector. And yet, to avoid missed appointments, there is a simple and effective solution: Communication by SMS appointment confirmation message. So no more need for reminders or cancellations by email, everything is confirmed by your customers without any effort on your part!

Appointment confirmation message by SMS
Appointment confirmation message by SMS

SMS appointment confirmation in the medical sector

The health sector is without a doubt the place where missed appointments are the most common. Doctors, orthodontists, dentists, physiotherapists and all other companies are unanimous on this subject. 

To fight against the high rate of missed appointments of customers, you must opt for the right solution. That’s why adopting the SMS appointment confirmation message is a must. You may not know it, but this type of message is very popular with patients. Indeed, thanks to the sending of the confirmation message, you can divide by 4 the number of missed appointments. Therefore, to avoid cancellations and oversights, the appointment confirmation or reminder by SMS is one of the best options.

Moreover, in order to optimize your virtual schedule, you can also associate the sending of SMS with scheduling software.

The appointment confirmation message for the sales department of large companies

If there is one industry where missed appointments have a serious impact on business productivity, it is the sales department of large companies.

Customers usually make their appointments two to three weeks in advance. With their busy schedules, they may forget to keep their appointments. This has an impact on the company’s profitability. 

The advantages of SMS appointment reminders compared to email
The advantages of SMS appointment reminders compared to email

To fight against missed appointments, the message to confirm has everything to be your ally of size. This solution also favors an optimization of the customer relationship. 

Indeed, thanks to the answers of the customers through the mini-links which are present in the SMS reminder, the possible cancellations of appointment are managed in an automatic way. All your customer has to do is click on the link in the reminder SMS to free up the slot for another customer. 

As a result, the appointment confirmation message promotes self-management of your schedule, with the advantage of saving a considerable amount of time and reducing stress without having to check your mailbox every 5 minutes. 

Advantages of SMS appointment reminders compared to e-mail

Ten years ago, e-mail was still the most popular method of communication and it took the spotlight away from SMS. But today, as far as appointment reminders from your Google Calendar are concerned, we have to admit that SMS is more and more popular for all business sectors to optimize their agenda thanks to a powerful service. 

Indeed, it is read by all in an almost instantaneous way. For example, did you know that 85% of people are interested in SMS containing useful information such as appointment confirmations by SMS?

In addition, the read rate of the SMS is close to 100% following a sending. This is a significant advantage compared to other traditional communication tools which have lower read rates. 

In addition, the average time to read an SMS is 3 minutes. Again, this is in contrast to other tools such as e-mail. Indeed, for many people, the e-mail box is just a spam box, as it usually contains almost 50% of spam. 

Do you want to considerably reduce your missed appointments? Then opt for the SMS appointment confirmation message via our communication tool Octopush.