Are you experiencing a drop in sales within your company? Have you noticed that your customers are no longer visiting your website? Are you lacking ideas to acquire new prospects? Think about commercial prospecting via company sms. It’s the most suitable solution to develop your marketing activities and build customer loyalty. But, how can you use it in your company? 

Commercial prospecting
Commercial prospecting

What levers should you use for your commercial prospecting?

To ensure that the efforts you make as a company to maintain a relationship of trust with your customers are rewarded, it is necessary to think about an action plan. The latter consists in particular of using levers for better commercial prospecting with your customers. To do this, you have a few levers that you can use to develop your activities. 

  • The commercial prospecting email

It has the advantage of reaching many prospects, wherever they are, 24 hours a day. With email marketing software, you can plan your sales prospecting mailings. You also have the ability to choose times for different prospects based on their geographic location. 

By using email marketing, you reinforce the credibility of your company with your customers. You promote your company (using a promotional email address) and you gain the trust of your customers to trigger a sale. 

  • Mobile telephony 

When it is well conducted, a telephone marketing campaign offers multiple advantages to your company. For example, it allows direct contact with the customer (and your future prospects) via a telephone sales strategy. The result? You establish an interactive and more personalized communication with the prospect to then develop the sale. Since the majority of people have a cell phone, you reach your targets more easily. Thus, the telephone sales campaign strategy is the best prospecting lever that solves all communication problems. 

  • Commercial prospecting in the field

Field prospecting is an effective way to establish a long-lasting and privileged relationship with customers. By going to meet prospects directly, you give yourself the means to guarantee the reliability of your services. Customers know you and are more reassured about buying your products. In any case, using these different levers allows you to obtain better returns. However, it is more advantageous to integrate a faster means of communication into your prospecting: SMS. 

Have you thought about integrating SMS in your commercial prospecting?

Target your commercial prospecting thanks to Octopush
Target your commercial prospecting thanks to Octopush

If you haven’t yet, then now is the time to make your marketing more dynamic to develop your customers and sales. In fact, SMS is a channel through which you reach a wider audience in your business prospecting. It is a short message that is written in a way to meet the expectations of customers. Because it is instantaneous, it allows you to send alerts to all your prospects for different reasons and thus obtain very good results in your business prospecting. 

Note that the communication via sms is done almost in real time. This is a very good point for a company that wants to be one step ahead of its competitors and have efficient commercial prospecting. From now on, you will be able to announce all your marketing news and have better sales yields, using sms to all your prospects. 

Perfectly target your company’s sales and marketing prospecting thanks to Octopush

To maintain your customer relationship, the Octopush platform is the best solution to organize your commercial prospecting or your marketing campaigns. Octopush is specialized in sms broadcasting to optimize sales. Our platform allows you to optimize all your messages on your phone in order to satisfy your audience. It gives you the possibility to create reliable customer databases to broadcast quality messages. So, don’t hesitate to use it to enjoy an unbelievable experience.

Clearly, setting up your sales actions via our marketing platform not only saves you time but also allows your salespeople to focus on conversion, which is essential to convert each prospect into a customer.

The most important thing before setting up such a thing is to get the data of each prospect so that you can prospect them via their phone number. Each data is essential as soon as it is relevant for your prospecting.

Every company has to put their marketing techniques first to attract the prospect and then convert him into a customer. The Octopush platform allows you to segment your campaigns and your actions in mass to get the best out of your leads!