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In companies, using an SMS advertising campaign is a practice that is becoming more and more frequent. Indeed, it takes time for a company to develop a relationship with its customers. That’s why it must be procreative and reach them wherever they are. Nowadays, everyone uses a cell phone. Sending SMS messages remains the best way to contact your customers directly and to maintain this relationship.

The advertising campaign by SMS message
The advertising campaign by SMS message

Does the SMS advertising message still exist today?

The marketing campaign by SMS message is a technique that consists in sending promotional or transactional messages to a large group of recipients. This is done by means of SMS text messages. These texts can be related to short term offers or to a customer’s birthday for example.

SMS advertising continues to be used today. Indeed, statistics have proven that 7 out of 10 smartphone users receive SMS messages from their service providers. In France, more than half of the population receives advertising SMS from companies. These messages reach them as a prospect or customer. These figures are proof that SMS advertising continues to be used. 

Advertising campaign by SMS message and its numerous advantages
Advertising campaign by SMS message and its numerous advantages

SMS advertising campaign: The importance of using a specialized platform

Specialized platforms are of paramount importance in an SMS marketing message campaign. Indeed, they manage the advertising campaign in the best way. A simple communication channel is not adapted to this kind of operation. The numerous features available on Octopush, our platform, allow a better management of the advertising campaign for your recipients. These are : 

  • The follow-up of the sending of the SMS;
  • The response of the SMS;
  • The management of stops;
  • The cleaning of files;
  • The provision of detailed statistics;
  • ETC.

Why should you use SMS advertising messages instead of email for your advertising campaigns?

The importance of using a specialized platform like Octopush to send a mass SMS advertising message
The importance of using a specialized platform like Octopush to send a mass SMS advertising message

First of all, professional SMS or SMS marketing is reliable, profitable, fast and less expensive to present your services in the framework of communication campaigns. It represents a real return on investment while controlling your sending costs (ROI). 

Then, the marketing campaign by SMS allows to reach the maximum of people. Indeed, the cell phone has become part of our daily life and we can no longer do without it. Most of the population uses it to work, to have fun, to learn, to communicate, etc. We exchange and receive SMS frequently through this tool. Thus, this technique will allow you to reach a large number of people. 

Moreover, studies have shown that 3 minutes after their reception, the majority of text messages (90%) are read by their recipients. Also, a rate exceeding 94% of subscribers read the content of the advertising messages they receive daily. All this represents a real advantage compared to email marketing campaigns. 

Consumers take much longer to read an email than a message. At worst, some don’t even look at them. Many tools have come to relegate the use of email to second place among the various communication techniques. 

So, with SMS marketing, you can be sure to get your message to a large number of people through impactful mobile content campaigns.