A product launch is one of the most crucial activities for a business. Without bringing in new products, you won’t be able to attract new customers or even keep your current ones satisfied.

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    That is why a product launch plan is so important. You need to make sure you have a well-thought-out and detailed procedure to yield the best results of releasing a new product into the market.

    SMS messaging should play a vital role in these launches. Why? That’s a great question. One that we’ll be discussing today.

    We’ll also talk about how you can integrate them into every step of the process. Lastly, we’ll be telling you why Octopush can help you have the most successful product launch.

    What Is a Product Launch?

    Before we talk about ways you can use SMS to improve your product launch, let’s talk about what it is. In simple terms, it’s the process of introducing a new product to the market. 

    It’s a lot more complicated than that, however. You need to choose between a soft, minimal, or full-scale launch, depending on how much you trust the product. This is one of the many steps in your product launch strategy.

    But you must be wondering how SMS is involved in this process.

    Why to Include SMS in Your Product Launch Plan?

    There are several benefits of using SMS, but we’d be stuck here all day if we covered all of them. Let’s quickly look over why they are so useful in this case.

    SMS is Quick and Easy

    SMS messaging is one of the fastest modes of communication. You can send multiple SMS in a matter of seconds. They are also super easy; all you need to do is type in your message, and you’re good to do.

    Mobile Communication’s Huge Reach

    Everyone has a cellphone. Not everyone has access to a computer at all times or even the internet, but people can check their phones anytime and are always connected to a mobile network.

    That is why an SMS-based marketing plan can reach an immense number of customers with great ease.

    How to Include SMS in Your Product Launch Plan?

    Now that you know what a product launch is and why SMS will help your marketing strategy for a new product so much, it’s time to get to answering the question you’re most eager for. 

    Here are the 3 ways you can elevate your plan to the next level with SMS marketing.

    1. Introduce the Product

    The E-commerce conversion funnel should be the basis for your plan. There are 5 stages to getting customers to buy your products: The awareness, consideration decision, purchase, and retention stages.

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    Your product launch plan only covers the first three stages. This first stage covers the awareness stage. It’s obvious when you think about it: you are raising awareness about your product.

    Introducing your product is pretty straightforward. It is the easiest way to use SMS effectively.

    Make sure that the SMS shows that your product is exciting and something that the customer will certainly be interested in.

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    Good practices for SMS product launch campaign

    The idea is to send an SMS to your target group and ensure they know about your product. Of course, a little note on compliance, the recipient has to agree to receive advertising via SMS beforehand.

    With Octopush, you can also target an opt-in audience via database renting. Note that this option is only available for markets in France for now.

    We can not overstate the importance of this step and how handy SMS is for this part. Remember the advantages we discussed?

    Using Bulk SMS

    The fact that they are fast and can help you engage with a massive number of customers all at once really speeds up this part of the process and makes sure that you get to the maximum number of customers.

    Managing different time zones

    Need to send your SMS to different locations and to a huge number of customers (we’ll get to why you should do that soon)? With our virtual phone number services, you can do that pretty easily and quickly.

    Furthermore, you need to time these SMS messages to perfection. If you send an SMS at 3 AM, no one will ever read it, especially if it is about a product launch.

    We’ve got a fix for that. Our campaign scheduler allows you to preplan each SMS; you can set the date and time beforehand according to your product launch strategy. You don’t have to worry about missing out at the right time.

    Sending personalised SMS

    But sending a low-quality SMS won’t get you anywhere whatever time you send it at. That is why we offer you several customisation opportunities. 

    We also make sure your links are shortened so that the SMS isn’t bogged down by a long URL that looks tacky and just makes it longer than it has to be. We make sure readability is as high as possible.

    Lastly, we offer several ways to change up your style. Basic SMS isn’t a marvel of technology. Every company knows how to launch a new product using SMS messaging, and although they are useful, they’re not that special.

    That’s where voice messages and SMS 2.0 come inVoice messages are pretty self-explanatory. SMS 2.0 is a little more complicated, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

    Our advanced text-to-speech services convert your text to a voice message using AI. The voice can be male or female, depending on your preference. The length is also flexible.

    SMS 2.0 lets you send landing pages in your SMS. You read that right. You can link your landing pages with CTA buttons. We’ll shorten the link as usual.

    Try SMS 2.0 Here

    Start with Voice SMS

    2. Analysis

    We’ve covered how SMS helps you introduce the product, but there is one other place where they come in clutch. It’s during analysing statistics. This is part of the consideration process.

    Remember how we said you need to send your SMS to several different locations? This is where it comes in. You can see the locations where your products are getting positive responses

    How do you know if a product has been a hit over SMS? We understand that a person reading your message isn’t necessarily a sign that they are interested.

    product launch conversation about new bag. Client ask about promotion

    Our two-way messages mean that existing subscribers can reply to your campaigns. If they are interested in the product, they are likely to engage with the SMS. 

    Don’t believe us? A  whopping 45% of people reply to SMS that they receive. That means almost half your recipients may reply to you. Imagine how much information that would be!

    With these statistics, you’ll know what locations you should advertise more heavily in, whether with physical campaigns, posters, or other sorts of offline advertising. 

    Because of how huge the online market has become, people tend to forget that not all advertising is done over the net.

    Furthermore, you can see what types of SMS work better and garner better responses. For that reason, we even compile voice SMS messages so you can review them if they turn out to be successful. 

    If you get this step right, you can minimise your costs as you’ll invest in areas where engagement is most prominent. Your ventures will be much more profitable.

    3. Keep Them Hooked In

    This is essentially what the decision stage is all about. People won’t just purchase your product as soon as you send them information about it. That isn’t nearly enough.

    You need to make sure that you keep engaging with interested customers by sending them reminders using quick and effective SMS with information about your product.

    If you don’t do this, one of two things will happen. They’ll either forget about the product altogether or just lose interest in purchasing it. You want to avoid both these scenarios.

    For example, if you are launching a new car model, you should not stop by sending an SMS talking about its features. You want to send texts showing why it would be a smart investment.

    Mr. Taylor, regarding your question about the Vivivo Roger 2021 Model. It gives an average of 67 mpg of fuel. Which is way less than average, an excellent saving for your economy and for the environment.

    Again, basic messages are good for this, but why not try something different? A voice SMS would allow you to add a little personality into the burst of info you are sending them.

    With SMS 2.0, you can say more with fewer words. People don’t like sitting through long texts, but a landing page is different. You can describe your new feature or hook thoroughly in an external link.

    Why Go With Octopush?

    Good news, you know why SMS messages make your product launch marketing plan a lot more successful and cost-effective, and you know how to do it. But what makes Octopush your best bet?

    Not only do we have all the features we mentioned before, such as SMS 2.0 and voice SMS, but we also allow easy integration with plugins without integrations. Still not convinced? We provide an unparalleled HLR Lookup service that will guarantee that none of your SMS messages are sent to invalid numbers. 

    Not only do our services make SMS marketing easier for you, but we also help you save cash.  Due to this, we’ve also received the stamp of approval from renowned marketing experts such as Neil Patel and HubSpot. You can rest assured we have mastered the art of SMS marketing.

    Final Words

    There you have it — a simple guide to integrating SMS into your product launch plan. We hope you found this article helpful and easy to read. We also have a hunch that you’ll go with Octopush, won’t you?

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