Number portability or MNP (acronym for mobile number portability) is becoming more and more prevalent around the world and complicates the routing of traffic to the right network for service providers: aggregators, signal providers, mobile network operators, banks and other financial institutions.

Not knowing the identity of the subscriber to the cell phone number, results in incorrect routing of traffic, which in turn makes spending non-essential. That’s why MNP lookup service providers allow you to identify which network a phone number is subscribed to, in order to route the sent messages correctly, thus reducing the sending costs and reducing the delivery time for that message.

The MNP Lookup working method
The MNP Lookup working method

What is MNP Lookup?

For the user, MNP or number portability simplifies the portability of their phone number to a different mobile operator.

For businesses, an MNP lookup is a search of the network’s mobile number database to see if they have changed phone operators. 

Message requests are sent immediately and are processed so that the customer can receive the most recent data. The objective of this project is to reduce costs and provide the most useful service that all users have.

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Why is it important for businesses to research MNP?

Routing without intermediaries

For businesses that use A2P messaging to send bulk SMS messages using a platform, MNP Lookup is an efficient and cost-effective service that allows service providers to optimize traffic routing expenses while improving customer service quality.

Why is it important for businesses to do MNP research?
Why is it important for businesses to do MNP research?

Securing personal data

MNP lookup also prevents companies from sending sensitive information to a phone number that no longer belongs to its previous owner, such as an OTP key, among other means of account verification.

It is crucial for businesses to have an up-to-date contact list to ensure the security of the information they send. With MNP lookup, you can protect yourself and your customers from fraudulent and other illegal activities.

Geographical advantages

More than 40 countries in Europe have now implemented mobile number portability (MNP). In many countries, more than 40% of numbers are roaming. Therefore, knowing whether a number has been ported is a key element for traffic distribution solutions for voice calls, SMS messaging and SCN services.

In addition, using this service to check if your customers are in range allows you to search for the home network of your current customers and direct your messages accordingly.

MNP search gives businesses a high level of certainty that the messages they send are reaching the right recipient.

What industries can benefit from using MNP lookup?

This service is ideal for mobile network operators, SMS aggregators, voice operators, banks and financial institutions.

In general, any company that sends or exchanges SMS or manages a large database of cell phone numbers can benefit from MNP lookup.

What industries can benefit from using MNP Lookup?
What industries can benefit from using MNP Lookup?

The MNP in an HLR lookup

Operators around the world are connected by a network called “SS7” or “Signaling System #7”. This network is used to exchange information and is the basis of the SMS messaging system. The HLR is a central database of all clients authorized to use the SS7 network.

The HLR or “Home Location Register” is at the heart of every GSM mobile network in the world. It is used by the network to authenticate a phone when it registers with a transmitter, whether on the home network or when roaming abroad.

Verification of a phone number occurs when the SS7 signaling network queries the home location register (HLR) of any mobile subscriber.

This process is a fast, efficient and accurate way to determine which network operator currently serves a given cell phone number.

An HLR lookup not only allows you to verify which network operator your contacts are subscribed to, it also shows you exactly which country their numbers belong to and, if they were ported, what their original operator was.

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