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MCC stands for Mobile Country Code. It is a two- or three-digit number that is used to identify the country to which a phone number belongs.

The country code is entered after the international calling code or prefix. Each country has its own unique code.

This system was established by the International Telecommunication Union in its Land mobile Numbering Plan. Also, the MCC is used to establish the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and the LAI (Location Area Identifier). Both of these identifiers are used to identify a cell phone device and its location.

In addition, both of these identifiers include the public land mobile network which is used to uniquely identify a network operator.

What does MCC mean in telecommunications?
What does MCC mean in telecommunications?

What are the most common MCCs used to make calls from France?

United States country code: +1

Canada country code: +1

United Kingdom country code: +44

Belgium country code : +32

Italy country code : +39

Germany country code: +49

Country Code Tunisia : +216 and +217

Country Code Morocco : +212

Ivory Coast country code: +225

Why is it important to know the MCC?

Calling or texting abroad is a bit more complicated than making calls or texting within France. There are a number of factors to consider, including data rates, international calling codes and country codes.

The international calling code is necessary to help the phone network understand where you want your call or message to be routed. With so many countries in the world, it is essential to find a way to ensure that every communication is routed to the right place.

Use for MCC in your business
Use for MCC in your business

How can MCC be used in your business?

The rise of instant messaging has led to an increase in outbound communication. In effect, electronic communication has eliminated distance as a barrier to communication. A global society means increased business opportunities.

Many companies are hiring employees who are located abroad. Technology makes it easier to connect with suppliers and customers around the world, and streamline these relationships by improving ordering, tracking shipments, etc.

With this type of communication technology, many companies are able to take advantage of opportunities in different countries or cities, improving economic opportunities globally.

How can you achieve cross-cultural communication for your company?

When managing teams, a key issue for proper cross-cultural communication is to clarify expectations.

This is especially important when managing teams from all over the world. Be aware of different communication styles – some may be more direct than others, or only give feedback at certain stages.

Another point that is important to cover is having a clear understanding of time zones and working hours. You wouldn’t want to send a message or try to reach a potential client when it’s dark at home.

Different from MNP Lookup, knowing the MCC will allow you to know which country you are directing your business to and also it is possible to look for solutions that make it easier for you to communicate to the country you are interested in reaching.

Perform an HLR search on your contact list to sort out the MCC

You can get the MCC of a cell phone number by performing an HLR lookup.

When you perform an HLR Lookup request, the result shows you valuable information such as the subscriber’s IMSI, subscriber status (success/failure) and the MCC and MNC of the roaming network.The MCC-MNC tuple is stored in the first five or six digits of the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

Example of results from an HLR search

PLMN: 20801

Country: France

MCC : 33

Network: Orange (Orange S.A.)

Time zone: Europe/Paris

Benefits of HLR Lookup
Benefits of HLR Lookup

Benefits of HLR lookup

The bulk SMS service provider receives the location information following the search (visiting country and visiting network). Sending SMS to a mobile subscriber can be done via a route or a local connection provider which reduces the routing cost.

Mobile number portability information can be obtained from the search result. HLR Lookup provides real-time information for a roaming subscriber, allowing the service user to schedule advertisements based on roaming locations.

HLR Lookup returns the current location of a mobile user. This creates the opportunity to perform content marketing to reach people who are in close proximity to the company’s premises.

The content provider uses the location information to effectively advertise its products.