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An optimized SMS mobile marketing service for professionals 

As the world evolves and changes constantly around us, so do marketing strategies. Cell Phone ownership is growing exponentially around the globe, and 2.71 billion people are reported to have a smartphone. Why not use that number to your advantage, and make sure your target customers are just a notification sound away? 

At Octopush, we value our customers and understand that you deserve the best service possible from mobile marketing in your business. That is why we provide an unrivalled range of features for a truly personalised experience. 

Our fully customizable SMS service allows for varied optimization strategies that can be tailored towards your own unique business strategy. Particular campaigns can be specifically targeted to provide for maximum return, and you can even address customers by name still using bulk messages. Get your message to over 20k people in just a few clicks.

Consistently adapting your business to your client’s needs is a sign that you are a great businessperson. When you use Octopush you carry out surveys, polls and questionnaires to quickly learn from customers’ answers and adapt to market needs before the competition and best of all, it is a free service.

Octopush mobile marketing is a revolution in business to customer communication.

Relevant marketing features that you will actually use 

Our SMS mobile marketing has a read rate of 95% and can give your business a competitive edge when it matters the most. Marketing to a large and varied customer base is no easy task, so don’t do it alone. 

Bulk SMS puts the largest number of people just a few clicks away and our SMS reply feature is perfect for gathering feedback information to improve future campaigns. If you need to truly connect with clients (not only send the outdated generalized mass message), use our Customizable Transmitter service sender customization, combined with the Statistics analyzes for a high-performance tool. 

Adding to all that, SMS can be converted into an audio message to both fixed and mobile lines. This is one of the most efficient trends in modern mobile marketing.  We also provide virtual numbers for ease of contact with associates worldwide. Reach the maximum number of potential clients with the utmost efficiency, even internationally. If you are a busy business owner, you can choose to do so with our fully scheduled messages

Allow your business to adapt to ever-changing dynamics in the mobile marketing space using our WattsApp for business experience. It is easy and effective, a recent study showed that the average WhatsApp user checks the app over 23 times a day!

Imagine if a mobile marketing service could ensure data protection to secure the information your company share while managing all your contacts on organized, labelled lists. Sounds like a dream? It is a reality with Octopush’s Secure Data service. 

An extensive range of services for every occasion at a price that fits 

At Octopush, we offer our business customers two price points; SMS Low Cost and SMS Premium. 

Professionals wanting an optimal return on investment from their marketing campaign are well served by our SMS package. This service provides extensive nationwide coverage and the SMS answer tool that gets the answers you need to bring in more profit, all at a manageable cost.

With our premium package, you can enjoy even more benefits from our high-level service. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from all SMS to allow for improved data collection and future strategy optimization. With the premium package, you will not be limited and will send longer messages for guaranteed compensation. 

In the competitive world of mobile marketing, Octopush provides cutting edge solutions to your mobile marketing requirements. An optimized and personalized campaign is at your fingertips, contact us for more information and start your free trial today.