Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a technique for sending massive quantities of SMS at a large database from an online platform.

With Octopush, you can send large volumes of SMS directly from your computer at affordable prices.

Bulk SMS is for all industries:

  • Send marketing campaigns and promotions to all your customers at the same time.
  • Send internal bulk notifications to your employees.
Bulk SMS

What is Octopush’s capacity for mass texting?

  • 20,000 SMS/ Hour for SMS LowCost
  • 50,000 SMS/Hour for SMS Pro

Your shipments exceed these capacities? We have you covered. We can go up to up to 500,000 SMS/Hour in Premium SMS to meet your needs, just let us know.

Send Bulk SMS in just 4 steps

  1. Register on our platform
  2. Import your numbers and data files in Excel or .txt format
  3. Write your message, select your preferences and send!

Are you a developer? Check out our SMS API.

Bulk SMS Octopush

Bulk texting with the Octopush SMS API

Connect your software to Octopush with our API and send text messages automatically in a simplified and accessible way.

The Octopush SMS API allows you to send text messages of any kind. Integrate an automated bulk SMS service into your own solution, software or application, in any of the following programming languages:

  • HTTP, with 5 possible languages in the source code.
  • SMTP, to send your text messages through an internet messaging interface, or email.