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Virtual Number

Rent a mobile line to send and receive SMS

Virtual Number,
what is it ?

It enables organizations to send notifications to their prospects or clients and receive inbound messages and calls through a dedicated local number that they can manage remotely, wherever they are.

Having a local number helps remove frictions and make communication smoother when targeting an audience that is not in your country.

Virtual Numbers

Instant toll free mobile number that does not require devices

Allow businesses to use SMS for chatting, receiving, and managing responses from customers

Talk to a local audience, wherever they are

Case Study: Alliance Automotive Group

“SMS marketing is a powerful business lever. We have very few unsubscribes from the SMS campaigns we send. Our customers are happy with this method of instant communication and so are we.”

Charles Demillecamps – Marketing Manager at d’Alliance Automotive Group
Charles Demillecamps
Alliance Automotive Group-logo

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual mobile number is a secure line that organisations and businesses can rent on a yearly basis.
To learn more about virtual phone numbers we have prepared for you this quick guide.

It allows to send and receive SMS and calls usi

The virtual numbers offered by Octopush allow you to send and receive SMS and calls using a unique mobile number with a local country code from more than one hundred destinations.

This is specially useful for companies managing international businesses, because customers from anywhere in the world can get in touch with them even if they don’t have offices in those specific countries.

A Virtual Number is a mobile number which is not associated with a telephone line. Setting up your Virtual Number is easier than you think.

Basically, we will provide you with a toll-free business number, add your devices and set up your message, business hours and greetings.

There are the 3 general steps you must do to start operating with Virtual numbers.

  • Select a local toll-free business number
  • Add your devices
  • Complete your business information: Business hours, Welcome Message and Greetings.

Once you’ve done this, you will be able to receive SMS communications from your customers and deliver a great customer experience.


Plugins and modules to send and receive SMS without coding

Connect Octopush with the tools you already using: Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce and more!

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