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Today, the creation and implementation of a promotional SMS campaign represents an advertising channel of undeniable effectiveness. To use it well is, without any doubt, the insurance of a guaranteed success. What are the advantages of a promotional SMS? How to write it?  

SMS promotional campaign to present your offer to your customers
SMS promotional campaign to present your offer to your customers

The advantages of SMS promotion

The advantages of the promotional SMS offer, in addition to being numerous, take into consideration different aspects that can bring THE advertising solution to your company to find your customers via a single platform. 

An effective solution to reach consumers via their mobile

As you know, cell phones are the tool used by everyone to exchange information. Many people receive messages every day. In return, they also send them. In these conditions, using mass SMS promotion allows you to quickly reach your target recipient. 

It is shown that the read rate of an SMS on a cell phone is estimated at 95%. So imagine for a moment the result for SMS promotions. It will certainly be positive as users regularly check their SMS box. In addition to reaching your customers, you can easily boost your sales while being sure to communicate information that will be read. 

Benefits of SMS Promotion
Benefits of SMS Promotion

An easy to use tool 

A mobile SMS promotion, unlike other techniques, can be set up without much difficulty. Indeed, you don’t need to have a big intellectual background to realize it. Moreover, it is not necessary to proceed to a particular formatting in order to conform to the visual codes. 

For such a project, all you need is a list of your customers’ phone numbers and a good router to remove possible duplicates. Also, you can collaborate with a good service provider for the realization of your campaign such as our platform Octopush. 

Message campaign: the ideal choice to send a promotional message without disturbing 

Another advantage of SMS promotion is that it allows your company to get its message across without disturbing your customers. Simply put, this tool gives you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. 

Generally short, the message is easily assimilated by the customer, which allows him to act at the appropriate time. It is even possible to integrate a link in order to simplify the optimization of the traffic of your website. 

The differences between promotional sms and transactional sms

Promotional sms and transactional sms are different, but complement each other. 

Their differences are mainly in the objective and timing. If you want to attract customers’ attention, get them to respond and buy, you need promotional sms. On the other hand, the transactional sms is a notification message. It is used after performing a specific action on the website of a company. It can be a hotel reservation, a commercial transaction, etc. 

How to write promotional SMS? 

In order to reach your target, your SMS promotion must be clear and precise. Being clear means being easy to understand. At the mere sight of the message, it should answer the questions “‘who?”, “‘what?” and “‘where?”. 

Benefits of SMS Promotion

As far as the structure of your SMS promotion is concerned, it must integrate several elements such as the sender, the tagline, the offer and the contact link. The sender, first of all, must allow you to be identified. 

Then, the tagline must arouse the recipient’s interest and provide the context of the offer. The latter must be clear, simple and catchy. The contact link closes your message. 

The SMS promotion, in addition to being easy to use, is an effective tool to reach the recipients. Moreover, it is the ideal choice to send a promotional message without disturbing. To write it, use a clear, precise and catchy slogan. Also, consider the structure of your message.