The sending of advertising SMS is increasingly used as a marketing technique. For this reason, they present specific advantages. But to benefit from these advantages, certain criteria must be taken into account. It is necessary to target and analyze the sending of these marketing SMS.  

Sending of advertising ” SMS ” messages
Sending of advertising ” SMS ” messages

The targeting of your advertising SMS: an essential element for the success of your campaigns

It is the basis of any SMS advertising campaign technique. You must target the people to whom your advertising messages are intended. But to achieve this, you need to make a preliminary study. Think about the different issues, the expectations of the audience and how you can impact them with your offer. Put yourself in the shoes of those customers for a moment. Ask yourself how they would react to your messages. Also, set goals and the length of time you need to achieve them during your SMS message campaign. 

Once the target audience is determined, you can then proceed to personalize the message according to the person for whom it is intended. From then on, the advertising SMS can put forward different elements. First, the products or services you offer can be highlighted.

Secondly, you can start your SMS advertising campaign by taking into consideration certain specific events such as the frequency of purchases, the date on which purchases are made, purchase abandonments, etc. It is also possible to take into consideration the personal information of the customer to proceed with your sendings. This is a common practice in which the name, birthday, geographical location, etc. are taken into account. 

The goal is to make the target feel interested when sending the advertising message during your bulk SMS campaign. You then directly impact the people who can benefit from your services. 

Optimize your SMS campaigns and the sending of your advertising SMS with the help of Octopush
Optimize your SMS campaigns and the sending of your advertising SMS with the help of Octopush

What are the KPI’s to analyze an SMS campaign?

KPI’s are performance elements that allow you to know the evolution of a marketing strategy. As indicators, there are :

  • Various rates: the message delivery rate, the opening rate, the click rate, the conversion rate, the bounce rate, the growth rate of the list of subscribers, the unsubscribe rate, etc.
  • The delivery speed of your advertising sms
  • The cost per customer;
  • and so on.
The KPI to use to analyze your SMS advertising campaigns
The KPI to use to analyze your SMS advertising campaigns

Octopush: the essential tool for the good management of your SMS advertising campaigns

It is true that smartphones allow sending messages. But it is recommended to use a specialized tool for this purpose. It happens that customers respond after sending an advertising SMS. They will be able to receive a personalized response in return. 

The most recommended tool in this respect is Octopush. It is a professionalized platform for managing the sending of SMS to your customers. It is designed to allow you to send several types of advertising messages. There are among others : 

  • SMS marketing messages of grouped sending;
  • Transactional messages;
  • Messages to converse with customers;
  • Instant text messages;
  • SMS sent offline;
  • and so on.

The list is long. In addition, our platform offers ease of use. In addition to this criterion, the data transmitted to your customers is secure.