A company that wants to last in time must know how to keep its customers on the one hand and how to acquire new users on the other hand. To consolidate your relationship with your customers, opt for an sms campaign, specifically mobile marketing by sms. 

Mobile SMS marketing : targeting and best pratices
Mobile SMS marketing : targeting and best pratices

What is mobile marketing by sms?

Mobile marketing by SMS consists in sending transactional messages through SMS. These facilitate the communication of promotional offers, alerts or announcements to customers who have agreed to receive them. It is therefore a solution to consolidate your relationships with customers. A good tool for companies.

The precise targeting of mobile marketing via SMS 

There are different criteria for targeting mobile SMS marketing in a promotional and communication strategy on the Internet. 

With the right targeting, SMS marketing has more results
With the right targeting, SMS marketing has more results

Socio-demographic criteria 

Socio-demographic criteria are the ideal option for targeting your mobile SMS marketing. In fact, they allow you to describe the prospects and their lifestyle. Gender, age or location are all criteria to be favored. 

Affinity criteria 

Affinity criteria are more refined and less general than the previous ones. Here, prospects are targeted according to their interests, tastes, habits or online behavior. With this targeting, it is possible to reach prospects who have a certain sensitivity to offers.

Purchase intentionalists 

Intentional shoppers are people who have been identified as having a high probability of buying a certain type of product on the Internet or in a store. The product in question may have specific needs. You can identify them through online/offline consumer surveys or through web data collection and analysis. 

Best practices for a successful SMS marketing strategy and campaign 

Mobile marketing by SMS or MMS via web communication relies on many good practices to make their business successful.

Make sure you have their permission 

One of the most important practices in mobile SMS or MMS marketing is to make sure that customers have given you permission to use their number for promotional purposes. Without a doubt, people who have not given you permission to contact them via SMS would not be happy to receive your messages. 

Please note that asking for permission, besides being a simple marketing gesture, is also a legal obligation. In fact, it is the new European data protection regulation (RGPD) that requires it. 

Best practices for a successful marketing strategy

Pay attention to the time of sending for the success of your campaigns

Generally, messages are consulted immediately. This explains why they are convenient for emergencies, but it is not a reason to send them at 2 am. Once again, you should know that the law protects consumers. Therefore, you should not send SMS or MMS marketing messages on Sundays, holidays or weekdays after 10 pm. 

Include your company name in the SMS 

It is recommended to include your company name in the SMS for your mobile SMS marketing. Many companies use a computer system to send mass SMS messages that does not specify the sender. So remember to identify yourself, because it would be a shame to send a promo code that users cannot use. 

Mobile SMS marketing targeting can be done according to socio-demographic criteria, affinity or based on purchase intentionists to send a message to the right number. As for best practices, make sure you have the users’ permission, pay attention to the time of sending and integrate your company name in your SMS.