La multiplication des entreprises de nos jours entraîne une forte concurrence dans le secteur privé. De ce fait, chaque entreprise met en œuvre de nouvelles stratégies marketing afin de développer des relations plus durables avec ses clients. Avec le constat de la régularité des individus sur leurs smartphones, une stratégie a été notamment développée. Il s’agit du message de promotion marketing SMS !

Message promotion marketing
Message promotion marketing

Understanding the SMS marketing promotion message

SMS marketing promotion or SMS marketing is a marketing method that consists in sending to its prospects or customers promotional campaigns, offers through text messages.

In reality, it is a way to broadcast your offers, discounts and others to customers who have consented to receive them. In other words, they have given you permission to use their phone number for promotional purposes.

Why and how to send an SMS marketing campaign?

Among the marketing communication channels, SMS to promote your marketing is one of the most effective for several reasons. 

It reinforces your existing marketing 

In addition to your various marketing strategies, you can use SMS to send instant notifications, urgent, concise and timely information. 

The ubiquity of smartphones 

Since the majority of the population and therefore of the customers own smartphones, SMS marketing to promote your products and develop your sales appears as an excellent way to reach them directly. Also, you can redirect traffic to your website by including a link in your marketing promotion message.

Why send an SMS marketing campaign ?
Why send an SMS marketing campaign ?

It is favorable to countries where the connection is expensive 

If your company operates in a country where wifi is not common and is difficult to access for the middle class and the 3G or 4G connection is expensive, then the advertising message becomes a much more relevant way to communicate with your customers, regardless of the social class of the customer.  

The marketing prospecting message provokes a high rate of engagement 

Compared to other means of communication such as email, the message is more quickly read by the concerned people. Thus, the marketing promotion message is better and more effective in delivering information to customers. 

The messages are sent by short numbers or by full phone numbers. For short codes, the codes are composed of 5 to 6 numbers and can be associated with a single sender or shared among several. 

In real life, you can send two types of messages through this channel:

  • Promotional campaigns: This type of message includes promotions such as promo codes, sales, but also global events such as updates. Thus, these are messages sent en masse to several recipients at the same time.
  • Transaction: These messages are sent automatically following a transaction, essentially for confirmation purposes. For example, an order confirmation or a delivery notification. 

How to build a marketing promotion message strategy? 

Building your SMS marketing communication strategies starts with establishing a plan. Indeed, through the marketing message campaign, you know the color, tone and spirit in which you want to communicate. 

What is the objective of your SMS communication campaign? This is the first question to be answered in order to establish your advertising campaign and attract your target customer for a better success rate.

How to build a marketing promotion message strategy ?
How to build a marketing promotion message strategy ?


  • Target your prospects;
  • Split your database;
  • Have a great customer file;
  • Define the perfect words for your sms;
  • Schedule the sending of your messages.