Creating an SMS marketing campaign is not difficult with the use of SMS marketing software. SMS is a very effective marketing solution. Today, many companies opt for this channel to boost their marketing activities. This is why it is possible to make sms marketing campaigns with a very high success rate. When you use sms in such a campaign, you manage to reach more people around the world. But, what are the steps to follow to create an sms marketing campaign via an SMS Gateway? 

SMS marketing software
SMS marketing software

What is SMS marketing or push SMS? 

Still called “push SMS”, the marketing sms is a message intended for customers or people who often visit a company. It consists in sending promotional campaigns or mass messages through the text message that is the sms. Thus, one can communicate on very important things about companies via a platform or software. For example, one has the possibility to inform the public about limited offers and their prices, alerts, notifications or a new service. 

However, the marketing sms is only sent to customers who have consented to receive them. Therefore, it cannot be sent to all contacts. It should also be noted that this type of sms is a new technique that allows to quickly reach the prospects of a company while obtaining new customers. If you want to take advantage of it, you can add this service to your sms marketing campaign. How to do it? 

SMS marketing software: the steps of an SMS campaign

Have you decided to create sms marketing campaigns? It’s a great decision, because you will be able to take advantage of several features. Here are the steps to follow to make your SMS campaign a success with a professional solution. 

Creation of the professional account 

When you choose to set up sms campaigns for your business, you can use an sms gateway, otherwise known as SMS marketing software. However, it is important to create a business account through which you can carry out your activities with ease. To do this, you just need to gather true information about yourself or your company. This information will allow customers to recognize you when you send them messages. 

Importing data list or database into SMS marketing software

The database is essential in a company. It allows you to know your customers, their preferences as well as the services that might interest them, especially for your SMS marketing campaigns. So, do not hesitate to create one for your company. Your database must contain all the information that could be useful for the continuation of your sending campaigns. You also have the possibility to import it into your sms marketing software from your computer for more flexibility or even to buy a database at the best price. 

Buying credit on your SMS software

Using a platform or software to send sms requires the purchase of credit. This allows you to avoid bad surprises when you want to start the campaign. Do not hesitate to buy enough before launching your mass marketing campaigns at reasonable prices. 

The advantages of an SMS marketing software
The advantages of an SMS marketing software

Setting up your SMS sending software at the best price

This step allows you to organize the different features of your bulk SMS sending software. Thus, you can set up your sending solution to send your messages at the desired times and days for a 100% personalized service to each contact list. In a blink of an eye, you will have defined your SMS marketing software. 

Sending from SMS marketing software

Now you’re ready! You can take action by sending your messages. Make sure you have all the numbers of your customers, check the last details while sending your sms. During the campaign, don’t hesitate to consult the statistics, in the features of your sms software, in order to know the opening rate of your sms and the reading rate of your message. You can also integrate the SMS sending software via API on your software. In any case, you will have succeeded in reaching a large number of people with a single solution.

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