Most software has a built-in communication function. Some use email notifications, some use push notifications to a mobile application and some use SMS. For those that use SMS to communicate with their customers, they will need to send the message to an SMS Gateway. The basic function of the SMS Gateway is to deliver the SMS message to your customer and send back a delivery report with details such as time of delivery and status of the delivery anywhere in the world. The API SMS Gateway must determine on which mobile network the receiving cell phone number is located. It must also transmit the message directly to the appropriate cell phone company, receive a delivery report from the cell phone company’s systems, and then send that report back to the original requesting software.

Just by imagining this, one might get the impression that the process is quite complex and complicated. Let’s take a look at the SMS API services. 

The simple SMS Gateway vi API
The simple SMS Gateway vi API

Is it simple to use an SMS gateway solution? 

The SMS gateway comes with documentation that provides each customer (often developers) with instructions on how to use it. However, some companies do not take this seriously. They provide poor documentation that wastes your time or even makes you change suppliers. Normally, the documentation for SMS configuration of your gateway is publicly available and sufficient to master all the workings of this process. So check with your developers if everything is detailed and understandable for the API installation. This will save you time and effort in the long run. 

Simple SMS gateway via API: why use an SMS sending platform to contact your target customer? 

Today, mobile advertising accounts for over 75% of all internet advertising spend. All too often, this money is spent on fancy marketing tools and strategies that offer only mediocre results. SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and also has a 30% click-through rate. With your PHP SMS gateway, you will save even more money with an API that specializes in SMS messages especially if you use a virtual number. 

SMS messaging is the most stable and reliable platform for internet marketing. There is no problem of non-delivery of messages and spam is not a problem. Knowing this, you can be sure that your messages will arrive. And with the control element of your own SMS Gateway, you can monitor every aspect of your SMS message campaigns. 

Why use a platform to send SMS ?
Why use a platform to send SMS ?

A key element of sending messages to your customers is speed. When you have an offer to make, you want them to know about it. This will allow them to act immediately. If your offer has a very short time component, having the SMS arrive late can be catastrophic for your business. Having your own PC-based SMS gateway allows for the fastest possible SMS delivery speeds. You literally have a dedicated channel to your target market. 

Also an SMS sending platform will offer you services that will be done, such as the “Gateway Lookup” to develop the deliverability of your campaigns.

SMS API Gateway: Do I need special and simple technology to use this solution with my customers?

If you want to use SMS in your systems, you will need a developer. The developer will connect to the platform using an application programming interface. They will use one of the many computer programming languages to access the gateway (API) and send messages.

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