An SMS gateway via the internet, also called in some cases SMS software, could be useful if you want to communicate with users on a large scale through the creation of SMS campaigns. For this purpose, you will need a system that allows sending and receiving text messages. And this, directly from your web or mobile application. And an SMS gateway is designed to help you do just that. In this page, we will explain everything you need to know about SMS gateways. In particular, you will discover their role in the marketing world as well as the possibilities they offer thanks to the SMS gateway. 

The SMS gateway for sending your communication
The SMS gateway for sending your communication

What role does the SMS gateway play in the SMS marketing world? 

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to communicate in a way that suits them, a way that is fast and convenient and fits their lifestyle. And that’s exactly why SMS marketing, via web software or API for SMS pro, is now so popular with customers and businesses. 

SMS is one of the most useful marketing channels at your disposal. With so many people now owning a smartphone, the SMS gateway is a great way to reach customers directly via sending your communication showcasing your services. By including a link in this text, you can boost engagement with your business online. 

Although email and SMS gateway marketing have many similarities in their strategy implementation, they work best in tandem. As mentioned earlier, you can use bulk SMS to send instant notifications, while email contains longer content. You have a choice of medium for your communication.

Engagement rates via SMS customer are astronomical compared to email, with 90% of SMS messages read within 3 minutes of receipt. Web SMS is therefore very useful for conveying essential information with a high success rate. If your business is trying to operate in countries where data is expensive and Wi-Fi is less common, SMS is a much better channel to communicate information. 

What does an SMS Gateway message gateway allow? 

The SMS Gateway offers many advantages in the implementation of an internet marketing strategy. The importance of contact with customers is an aspect that an ambitious company cannot ignore. Here are some of the solutions provided by the SMS Gateway service. 

The roles played by the SMS Gateway
The roles played by the SMS Gateway

Sending scheduled SMS via gateway or application

SMS messages are a major asset in the sleeve of companies that want to impact their customers with great probability. Being able to program your text messages is another great asset that the SMS Gateway allows you to do. This way, SMS messages are sent by software at a cycle that you choose and at the times that you want. 

Appointment reminders, sales, etc. Send automatic mass SMS messages to every customer

Of course, Internet SMS gateways offer much more than just a scheduled SMS service in every country in the world. You can program an appointment reminder system, check your balance, but also automate SMS management via software simply by setting up a template for each customer message sent in bulk. 

The system for sending voice messages via SMS to your target customer

The SMS Gateway also offers a service that is often not expected when talking about SMS: voice messages. As you can see, MMS functionalities are not excluded and allow you to share the data you want via your application.