You’ve heard about marketing campaigns and in an effort to expand your customer base, you’ve decided to take the plunge. But the problem is that your marketing messages are usually drowned in the mass, because their reading rate is not often high. What if, like many entrepreneurs, you opt for the SMS marketing campaign? It is a communication channel that is very popular. Unfortunately, it is still under-exploited. What does an SMS marketing campaign mean for you and your contacts? How can you improve the conversion rate of your marketing communication campaigns thanks to the SMS platform? 

SMS campaign
SMS campaign

Mobile message marketing campaign: An under-exploited acquisition channel

The success of a company does not only depend on the quality of its products. To improve its sales, getting known is not an option, but rather a necessity. This is done through the organization of SMS campaigns. But today, we know that not all campaigns are equal. 

The marketing campaign by SMS message has indeed many advantages for you and your contacts. Unfortunately, it is under-exploited. For example, today the reading rate of your customers of an SMS communication campaign is 95%. 

In addition, the average opening time of a professional SMS is 4 minutes. Speaking of its cost, it is known to all that the SMS marketing campaign on mobile is extremely economical. Indeed, the SMS rate is up to 10 times less expensive than a paper campaign or a telephone reminder. 

What is the sending of a marketing SMS campaign on a platform? 

We can define a commercial SMS campaign as an organized action plan that is intended to promote a specific objective of the company. This can be brand awareness or the sale of a product or service and it has many advantages. 

The main advantage of an SMS marketing is that it is clear, precise and concise. When you consider the read rate of a mailing and its low economic cost, sending SMS marketing by gateway is certainly one of the keys to reach more audience and increase the turnover of your company.  

An SMS campaign improves the conversion rate
An SMS campaign improves the conversion rate

Improve the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns with SMS

During a multi-channel SMS marketing strategy, the conversion rate is certainly one of the most important points in each sending. Thanks to this rate, you have the possibility to calculate the return on investment of your campaigns, the hit per purchase/customer and also to know if your marketing is in line with the set objectives. 

But as you know, not all SMS message marketing campaigns are equal. There are indeed some tips to put all the chances on your side, in order to improve the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns thanks to SMS:

  • The personalization of your campaign message;
  • The inclusion of a call to action (CTA);
  • The use of A/B tests for web SMS.

The personalization of your campaign is a very important factor for the conversion of your customers. According to some studies, prospects (potential customers) who have viewed personalized content messages have a higher conversion rate. That being said, you will gain a lot by addressing your customers by their first name or title and that for all your contacts.

Moreover, as you know, sending classic SMS messages to your customers only offers 160 characters. Therefore, the words must be well chosen. Since only the first words of a message are visible before the SMS is opened, it is important that they are a call to action. There is no better way to increase your chances of being read. 

Furthermore, by using A/B testing for SMS via a platform, you have the possibility to evaluate different approaches to your customers and contacts, different products and different objectives. After having done this test, you could adopt what works best for you with the best advantages of our Octopush service for example.