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Today, many companies use marketing methods such as SEO or social networks to attract their customers. But this is not enough! Sending sms via a cell phone can also be a major customer acquisition lever. Still called “Push SMS”, it is an effective technique of sending mass SMS that offers many benefits for you and your contacts.

Send SMS: the advantages of setting up a mass message campaign

SMS on cell phones, a technology that has been part of our daily life for a long time

Every day, we send sms. SMS marketing is an internet tool that is used by many people, unlike emails. The people in question can send sms at will, and are not obliged to use an internet network. This communication tool has more effects than e-mail, which is only consulted once or twice a day. This is very rare for an SMS inbox.

In addition, the choice of marketing by sending mobile SMS via the Internet is a low-cost solution. A company can use it and enjoy the benefits it offers. Thus, advertising campaigns do not require large budgets. This is an interesting advantage for small businesses that want to deliver their messages to the largest number of contacts. They will have the ability to freely choose this communication and conversation tool while taking advantage of the benefits it offers. 

How and why send SMS to your customers’ cell phones?

Given the advantages of sending mass SMS, many companies have decided to integrate this means of communication into their marketing strategy to offer a personalized service in their campaigns. Is it your case? Then you have made the right choice. Indeed, sending sms represents an excellent asset for a company to engage in conversation with its prospects.

In truth, it should be noted that sending SMS are short texts that do not exceed 160 characters. There is no graphic design in this type of campaign. The text is just simple, easy to read and accessible to all and that is what is most important for your contacts: the message to be delivered. The recipient of the message will be able to read it in record time. Clearly, SMS optimizes the spontaneity of customers to read the text messages and not to hurry. 

Internet Marketing Campaigns: Why send a mass SMS message to your customers?

Internet SMS has multiple uses that can make it extremely beneficial. Whether you are in the field of commerce or health, you can send your messages. Better yet, if you are opening a store or business, it will be very easy to notify customers. But, if you have decided to use it in your business, what should you do?

Well, first of all, you have to follow some rules. In some countries, it is important to respect the customer. You have to protect his personal data for all your message campaigns. In addition, you have to make sure that each particular recipient agrees beforehand to the collection and use of their number. The recipient must be able to unsubscribe at any time to stop receiving text messages. The result? You will have conquered the heart of the customer who will benefit from the services that you will present to him. 

Campaign management: use the Octopush platform to send mass SMS on the web

In the last few years, sending mass sms and mms messages has become a very important tool for all companies. That’s why many platforms have been created, and Octopush is one of them. That’s right! Octopush is the best sms / mms platform on the web to send your messages via a virtual or real number. 

It adapts to all needs. Whether your message has a promotional, transactional or relational purpose, you can send it safely. Our platform is also very useful to send sms and mms in mass on the web to each recipient. You will be able to easily integrate in your message sending an offer, a sale or a service and enjoy a good return on investment.

If you have any questions about the campaign by SMS message on a mobile number, do not hesitate to engage in conversation with our team. We remain at your service!