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At present, multi-channel marketing distribution is very well known to implement an effective marketing strategy on different channels. It allows them to satisfy customers by establishing a constant contact with them in stores or on the web through social networks.

Multi-channel distribution to harmonize customer relations

What is multi-channel distribution?

Multi-channel distribution is a communication strategy that uses several channels to get in touch with customers. Stores, online stores, mail, newspapers, radio, e-mail, social networks, the web, mobile applications and TV channels are all part of the distribution channels. In other words, everything that could be a means of communication or source of information for the customer and that allow you to highlight your products and implement your objectives and therefore develop your sales by improving the experience of consumers. Including commercial platforms and advertising platforms.

The benefits of SMS marketing: A way to keep in touch with customers regardless of the sales channel

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful communication channels in terms of customer relations and has many advantages that we no longer present! Not to mention that it is one of the best solutions to keep in touch with your customers. Its use is very varied, in a punctual way or to make campaigns. 

Why is SMS marketing essential to stay in touch with your customers? 

First of all, it improves the customer experience through notifications. Indeed, SMS marketing is an important resource for the customer relations team of a company. It can of course be one of the channels of your multi-channel communication strategy. For example, its use allows to improve the customer experience by notifying them by SMS for an order confirmation. It is also used to confirm appointments or to take care of any request. Otherwise, SMS marketing also proactively notifies the passage of a technician or the delivery date of a purchase. All this, in order to avoid no-shows during an appointment. These SMS notifications reassure customers that their requests have been taken into account. Combined with a multi-channel distribution, SMS marketing can make a big impact.

In addition, SMS marketing also helps build customer loyalty and retention. Indeed, the promotional SMS is a real channel to stay in touch with its customers. You can send a simple invitation through a personalized SMS, or to offer them a promotion, or why not to notify them of private sales. These types of SMS marketing integrate a set of multi-channel marketing levers and show that you value your customers and develop your loyalty rate.

Multi-channel strategy: Stay focused on customer satisfaction with multi-channel distribution

Customer satisfaction should be the first concern of all companies regardless of the channel, whether it is online (social networks) or physical (stores). A satisfied customer means that he might stay loyal to your brand. Not only does he stay loyal, but he will also tell his friends and family to choose your brand for example by positive word of mouth.

When you stay focused on customer satisfaction, it :

  • Strengthens loyalty: of course being satisfied and being loyal can be 2 complex things. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer and will buy your products more often.
  • Thanks to the different channels, it turns happy customers into ambassadors of your brand. Once your customer or consumers are happy, they will tell their friends and family about it and from that moment on, it is what we call becoming an ambassador. 
Stay focused on customer satisfaction with multi-channel distribution to :
  • Improves your brand image: when you stay focused on your customers’ satisfaction, it creates a positive image for your company. Satisfied customers will give positive reviews about your brand and this would be an opportunity for you to have additional business opportunities. Even without recommending your brand, the simple positive image could encourage others to come to your business.
  • Helps you understand your customers’ needs: once you have generated customer satisfaction, it will help you learn more about what your customers might like and adapt your offers according to their needs. 
  • Allows you to identify the sources of dissatisfaction and act accordingly: you can act by implementing corrective actions as soon as possible in order to keep your customers in your company.

It is therefore in your interest to associate SMS marketing with various multi-channel distribution.